Meet Our Teachers

Belinda came to regular yoga practice a few years ago in the pursuit of flexibility to improve her very regular gym attendance. She quickly discovered that yoga had benefits beyond just the physical. Her favourite style of yoga is yin and believes taking time to be still and focus inwards is something we all should do more of. Belinda’s teaching style is friendly and relaxed and she will happily make adjustments for you to make sure you get the most out of your practice with her. Belinda looks forward to seeing you take some time out for yourself in one of her yin classes soon.
Yin Yoga (Stretch)
Mel fell in love with yoga at her very first class. Feeling happier and healthier than ever, Mel recognised the physical, mental and emotional benefits of a regular yoga practice. She decided to do her teacher training as a way to share the benefits of yoga with others and to help us all find a bit of stillness in this crazy world. Whether it’s a power or flow class, with plenty of options so it’s accessible to everyone, or a gentle yin that will leave you feeling blissfully relaxed, Mel’s easy going style will have you returning to your mat again and again. She’s a believer in taking your practice off the mat - taking the stillness you find on the mat out into the world. If you want to get her talking, just ask Mel about her other great passion, getting underwater. Mel’s a keen scuba diver and always good for a shark tale.
Yoga Flow | Power Yoga | Yin Yoga (Stretch)
Lexi has been practicing yoga for over 5 years and passionately travels to India to deepen her practice and her teaching skills. Lexi has a down to earth, unassuming teaching style and her passion to share her love for yoga is obvious to her students in her flowing vinyasa classes. She teaches from the heart and offers you lots of variations, to suit your level and to help you take your practice to the next level. Lexi is also a mum to baby Mabel and is studying nutrition.
Bring Your Baby | Yoga Flow | Ashtanga | Yin Yoga
Nellie discovered Yoga at the age of 18 as a wonderful form of mental and physical release from her daily life. She quickly found that an everyday practice enabled her to live with more presence and awareness and eventually she decided to embrace teaching. She has travelled around the world, teaching yoga and meditation including Central and South America! She loves to teach the gentle art of Meditation as she firmly believes this is a necessary part of today’s busy lifestyle and is for ‘everybody’. Nellie’s “just give it a go” approach to life is refreshing and fun to be around, leaving her clients felling calm, inspired and refreshed. Come and try a meditation class with Nellie, and be inspired by her down to earth approach, leaving you feeling more relaxed and calm than you thought possible.
Steph has been developing her personal yoga practice for over 5 years. She is also a registered nurse and as a shift worker, she has found that yoga has helped her to not only maintain a sense of calm in a stressful environment, but also recover from a back and shoulder injury and improve her overall life. She maintains a disciplined practice getting on her mat every single day and teaches her classes in an encouraging and calming way; offering modifications and focusing on core work and a flowing vinyasa to help students develop a stronger practice. Come and enjoy a calm yet challenging class with Steph and walk away with a big smile on your face.
Yoga Flow | Hour of Power
Matt found his passion for Yoga, as a runner who had injured himself while training for a marathon. He thought yoga would just be an awesome way to do some guided stretching, but quickly found out how much more it had to offer, and pretty soon was hooked. Matt loves to teach yoga in a way that makes it available for everybody. He believes that as long as you are practicing safely, challenging yourself a little, and generally getting something positive out of the postures then you are doing yoga well, and it doesn't matter if any of it looks cool enough for Instagram! So, come along and check out a class with Matt, he's looking forward to getting to know you and showing you some moves.
Yoga Flow | Beginners Yoga
With the ability to make absolutely anyone smile Sunny (Jess) fell in love with yoga from a young age and has been teaching for 4 years. She focuses on the breathe, strength, flexibly and having a good time. Sunny will make you feel comfortable in her class, offering adjustments and lots of encouragement to push your limitations beyond your imagination. Come along and try a class with Sunny.
Sunny (Jess)
Hour of Power | Strong Yoga Flow | Yin (Stretch) Yoga
Brendan has been hooked on yoga for over 10 years! Having trained as a teacher and practised all around the world, B teachers a unique flow that will have you smiling, sweating, enjoying the tunes and probably trying a few things upside down! His classes focus on building self awareness and confidence as his deep knowledge of anatomy shines through. Come and check out a class with Brendan - you'll be sure to leave with a smile on your face (and probably a sweat on your brow).
Strong Yoga Flow | Hour of Power | Yin (Stretch) Yoga | Foundations Yoga
Meg is a yoga teacher and psychology graduate and brings a happy, playful personality to her classes. Her yoga flows are fun, upbeat, a bit quirky and very very calming 🙂 Meg will keep you guessing while she gets your muscles burning yet leaving you feeling as light as a cloud after class. Come and experience a class with Meg, and you'll be sure to catch her contagious smile and energy.
Yoga Flow | Beginners Yoga
Iain is the Co-Owner of Yoga Everyday. He has been doing yoga on and off for over 10 years around his very active lifestyle (construction worker by day, surfer, runner, mountain biker etc by night!) Yoga helps him be more flexible, mobile and minimise injuries. Iain has recently become a teacher, and likes to teach a strong class. getting them sweaty to warm them up, followed by some active stretches and a long juice Savasana to an awesome tune.
Yoga Flow | Yin Yoga (Stretch)
Aubrey is our Studio Manager, a Yoga Teacher and a qualified Nurse! You can expect to see Aubrey on reception and working behind the scenes, as well as covering Yoga Flow and Yin Yoga classes. Aubrey has a beautiful calm teaching style, inviting you to move your body, challenge yourself and find what's right for you. Come along to a class with Aubrey and you'll be sure to leave feeling very chilled.
Yoga Flow | Yin Yoga (Stretch)
Hannah is a down to earth Yoga Teacher with an amazing ability to connect with people and put you at ease. Having always been interested in health and fitness, she is passionate about the flexibility, mobility and strength side of Yoga. You will find Hannah's classes relaxed and casual, yet informative and varied, as she welcomes, encourages and challenges you. She believes Yoga is for everybody and you should 'just give it a go'. You'll find yourself smiling along with her as she offers variations to suit all bodies types. Hannah is regularly found in reception (managing our busy studio) or teaching a sweaty Flow or a deep but chilled Yin class.
Yoga Flow | Yin (Stretch) Yoga | Power Yoga
Paula is the Owner of Yoga Everyday, and has been practising yoga for over what feels like for-ever! Yoga has helped for her 15 years 'calm her crazy' and cope with stressful corporate roles, running her own business and more recently being a new mum. She is passionate about making yoga un-intimidating and accessible. So her classes focus on getting the foundations right, while encouraging you to try new things and 'have a go', smile and laugh at yourself. She juggles teaching with a busy business & mum life, so understands the importance of squeezing in a bit of time for you.
Beginners Yoga | Yoga Flow | Chillax | Pre & Post Natal Yoga | Bring Your Baby
Max is the most junior member of the Yoga Everyday team! He is the founding member of the Bring Your Baby classes and can occasionally be found in reception, greeting students with his new-teeth grin.
Working on his Happy Baby & Savasana