Progressive Yoga

Progressive Flow

Progressive Flow- “Flying through your flow” Vinyasa (Flow) means, “to place in a special way.” Each movement is a gradual progression from one to the next. The movement is aligned and linked with the breath so that you… Read More

Vinyasa to Vino (Community Event)

Vinyasa to Vino (Community Event) Sun 11th March 4.30pm

Vinyasa to Vino (Community Event) We’re bringing it back! Vinyasa to Vino Community Event is now back in the studio on a quarterly basis. Everyone is welcome and this is an opportunity to hang out with your yogi… Read More


**Teacher Feature** – Meet Iain :-)

Iain has been practising yoga for 10 years and yoga has always been a complimentary movement modality to his very active lifestyle. Being a tradesman by day and a surfer, runner, mountain biker by weekend, Iain relies on… Read More