30 Day Winter Challenge

30 Day Winter Challenge

30 Day Winter Challenge – Starts 16th July Get out those diaries, plan your schedules, and sign up! Our 30 day winter challenge starts 16th July! We all know what happens in winter…. we slow down… we eat… Read More

Yin (stretch) Immersion

Yin Stretch Immersion

Yin Stretch Immersion Replenish, revive, balance and restore at our Yin Yoga Workshop! Yin yoga is the practice of long-held and deeply relaxing stretching poses that open the supportive structures in your body such as fascia, tendons and… Read More

Progressive Flow - "Fearless Backbends"

Progressive Flow – “Fearless Backbends”

Progressive Flow- “Fearless Backbends” Vinyasa (Flow) means, “to place in a special way.” Each movement is a gradual progression from one to the next. The movement is aligned and linked with the breath so that you move with… Read More