Bring Your Toddler Yoga Class (Approx 1-3yrs)

Bring your Toddler Yoga
Bring Your Toddler Yoga Class (Approx 1-3yrs)

Bring your Toddler Yoga


This is a gentle Yoga Flow class for anyone caring for a walking baby-toddler.

This class provides an option for anyone with an ‘active or moving’ little person….. So this is like a Mums & Bubs Class.. but with slightly older babies/toddlers. So this is suitable for Mums, Dads, Nannies, Carers etc. Friends and family are also welcome.

No Yoga Experience is Necessary!

The class will run for about 45 minutes, and this is a baby/toddler friendly environment meaning we welcome noisy, settled, unsettled, sleeping or feeding babies and toddlers into our yoga room!

Picture a Gentle Yoga Flow….with the purpose being for YOU to move your body, get a bit of gentle strength, flow and stretching happening….with your Baby/Toddler near by.

You’ll be keeping an eye on your own little person, and we’ll be keeping an eye on each others bubs, letting them roam around, play with toys and ‘do their thing’ – while we do ‘our thing’.

We’ll create a really relaxed environment, where ‘anything goes’. So don’t worry if you don’t have the perfect baby/toddler – neither do any of us! We expect noisy bubs, noisy toys, noisy playing!

We’ll create a big circle in the middle of the room, as space for the babies/toddlers to play. (If they stay in there great, if they don’t that’s ok too!)

And then we’ll be working on finding our CALM within that activity (and noise!), as we work through a slow yoga flow. To move our bodies and calm our minds in a safe space.

If our toddlers want to join in with us on our mat that’s great! If they are less interested that’s OK too. We’ll have a range of ages in the room so we know this will vary.

So the purpose of this class is to create Yoga for You – around and with the Baby/Toddlers.

– Toys for your baby/Toddler to play with and share.
– Nappies, Change of clothes … meaning anything you usually take with you when you are out and about with your baby
– We have all the Yoga equipment you need (we have mats, bolsters, etc)

– Wear stretchy clothes so you can move your body
– An open mind ready to have some fun and meet other people with Bubs & Toddlers!

– Feel free to bring some snacks and stay for a chat. There is no need to rush off. We have a great coffee shop up the road called Elixir if you need a caffeine hit!

This is a trial class so we need to know if you are interested and what you think of the format! We are ‘seeing how it goes’ and will make improvements based on ‘how it goes’ and your feedback! So please register your interest, give us feedback if you want to make this a REGULAR class in the studio!

We’ll aim to have no more than 15 adults in the room (so 30 including babies/toddlers). If you can secure your spot in advance that will help us know that this should go ahead. If you can’t secure your spot on the system, please email us at and then just turn up and we’ll fix it up on the day.

Members can come for free (using their unlimited class passes)
Non-Members can purchase a Drop In pass for $20 or use their normal 10 pass.

WHEN: Friday 07/07/17 || 9:15am – 10:00am

Depending on what is happening on the day with other local businesses, street parking may be easy or not so easy 🙂 We suggest you come early to find your spot and remember the Stafford Shopping Centre is only 30 metres away and about a 2min walk. There is lots of space in reception and in the studio for prams or any other ‘stuff’ you have.

If you have any questions – email



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