Feature Class Announcement – Kids Yoga Series (3 classes)

We’ve listened and after a number of requests we are going to put on a three part kids feature class!!


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Are You Pushing Yourself Too Hard? 6 Body Cues You Should Never Ignore in Yoga

We know what it’s like. You start something new, get hooked and a little excited. Sometimes a bit too over excited and you get impatient to get better, to see progress, to be able to do more, be better – fast! Read More

It’s March Already | How are your New Years Yoga Goals Going?

New Years Resolutions. Resolutions. New Year New You. Goals. New Dreams. New Year. AHHHHHHHHHHHH these words can be hugely motivating or totally overwhelming. Some people love them and some people hate them! Where do you fall? Do New Years Resolutions / New Year Goals work for you or work against you?

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Pre-Natal Yoga…Coming to Yoga Everyday, Stafford!….

We are excited to be bringing Pre-Natal Yoga to Yoga Everyday!

Paula will be teaching the Pre-Natal Yoga Course which will run in 5 week blocks starting from mid-January. In addition to a wonderful Flow and Restorative Pre-Natal Yoga practice, each student will be taught the basics to also be able to practice safely at home, in between our weekly classes (if she wishes to). Read More

Why do ankles sometimes hurt in yoga? ….

Sometimes students experience a few aches and pains when they start doing yoga. We talk so much about the health and mind benefits – greater flexibility and muscles strength and mindfulness, it makes sense that these huge benefits might come at a bit of a cost “no pain, no gain” so to speak Read More

How Yoga Can Help You Manage Stress ….

Stress can make a huge impact on your life and it can come from all different aspects of life: work, money, relationships or some life changes just to name a few. And with so much to think about, it is normal to feel stressed. Read More

How to Improve Your Chaturanga….

The infamous Chaturanga Dandasana also known as the low plank or yoga push-up is a challenging pose to perform correctly. We thought perhaps you may be struggling with this pose too…. we know our buddy T-Rex is!! Read More

What is Power Yoga? and what is the difference between General Yoga and Power Yoga?….

People who are newish to Yoga often get confused with all the different names. Don’t worry – we all do! There are so many variations and names used across the Yoga Industry. General Yoga, Yoga Flow, Hatha Yoga, Intermediate Yoga, Iyengar Yoga, Power Yoga, Ashtanga Yoga, Restorative Yoga, Yin Yoga…etc etc! How are you possibly meant to work out the style that is right for you? Here are some tips to work out which ones to try out and explore further. Read More

The 5 Things that will help prepare for Beginners Yoga.

We find that there is a lot of myth busting to do when it comes to Yoga. Sometimes for a beginner, the image of very flexible people doing impossible looking positions may seem intimidating. What if I can’t do it? Or there is no way I’ll be able to do that, what is the point? These might be some of the thoughts you could be having if you are thinking about trying Yoga. Read More

Yin Yoga? What The!?

All forms of yoga can help enhance our physical, mental, emotional, spiritual wholeness, through mindfully moving our bodies and breathing. But with so many different names and term and ways to practise yoga, we know it can get really confusing. Read More