GET TO KNOW Jaymie – one of our amazing ‘guides’ at Yoga Everyday

GET TO KNOW Jaymie – one of our amazing ‘guides’ at Yoga Everyday….

This week, we spend a bit of time with Jaymie Koch, one of our wonderful Yoga Everyday teachers. We love Jaymie, and thought you might like getting to know her a bit better as well.

1. So why did you start to do Yoga?

Initially, I started yoga for the physical benefits and to help deal with the pressure of corporate life. I began practicing regularly after an ankle injury as part of my rehab and yoga helped me to recover.

And so it had begun, my yogi story…Feeling the constant strain of the corporate world, I turned to fitness and yoga as an outlet from life as a lawyer. Enjoying these opportunities to feel good on the inside and out, a strong disconnect to the sacrifices demanded by corporate life really started to grow. Yoga has been a wonderful compliment to my life. In many ways, it has been my guide. Giving me clarity of thought, helping me through injuries & strains, and has shown me to be comfortable with being myself.

2. How would you describe your style of Yoga Teaching?

I like to share some of the benefits that I get from doing yoga but I don’t like being called a teacher…….I like to say that I guide people and I suppose my style is that I want people to go a bit freestyle because at the end of the day you have to make your own decisions, I can only just guide you, and you need to decide for yourself what feels right for you, on each day.

3. Some Yoga teachers juggle teaching with something else, like another job or studying something, is that the case for you?

Yes, that’s right. I work in admin part-time, as well as coach group fitness and CrossFit. For me they compliment each other….steady income, opportunity to help others to reach their true potential and having balance in my life. There is Yin and Yang.

4. I’m sure you must be as busy as the rest of us – as you would need to fit in your own practice as well as teaching classes. How do YOU fit it all in?

I call it the battle of the balance. It takes a lot of hard work and some weeks you are on top of it and you get to do fitness, you get to do yoga, you get to go to dinner with friends, and than other weeks everything is up in the air. It takes a lot of checking in! Yoga helps with this too! 😉

5. Is there a tool or a process or maybe a secret that you do personally, that helps you fit it all in?

I think you need to have a plan for what you want to achieve and write it down!

Because I believe in having a lifestyle with yoga and fitness, my suggestion would be to make a plan for the week ahead. Perhaps your goal is to try one for one, 3 fitness sessions and 3 yoga sessions for the week. Next, write it down, allocate when and for how long. Now you have it down, treat it like an appointment – do your best to stick with it but be kind to yourself, because at the end of the day you are not helping yourself reach your true potential if your burning out.

6. Any tips for people who are maybe a bit intimidated going to a studio, or find it hard to find the right ‘class’ for them. Any advice you can give on that front?

Try all different styles and teachers because every teacher and every style is quite unique. I always say to anyone that’s new, to really go to 5 classes. Because the first 3 to 5 times you are probably going to spend more time looking around than being able to enjoy the practice. And it’s really normal to look around because you haven’t done it before you don’t quite know what the teacher is talking about, so that’s alright. Then over time you start worrying less about what’s happening in the room and then that’s when you start getting more in tune with what’s happening on your mat. That’s when the other benefits of yoga start coming through. You start to trust yourself, you start to breathe for yourself 🙂

7. Is there a common characteristic or trait that you see in people who practice regularly?

I suppose some people when they first come along, like they focus on what’s happening around them, which means their view is outwards. And then overtime you see a shift, students start to be more aware with what is happening on their own mat, they reflect inwards. After a while people build confidence and trust within themselves. Say for instance, something like the crow pose. At first people are too scared to try it, and then they build that trust as their strength in their body improves. Plus, if you fall that’s OK! Have a laugh and get back into it.

8. Anything else that you’d like to share that might help or encourage people to do more yoga? Maybe something you’ve observed or wish you could ‘tell’ everyone?

Happiness is in our hands, we all have choices to be made, and life to be
enjoyed. I think for me personally yoga gives me a chance to just let go and also appreciate. Life is very busy, so just taking time to live in the moment is really important and yoga does help with this. Through yoga I feel present to daily treasures ~ welcoming the sunshine of life…taking a deep breath in…and noticing the little things in daily life.

To all yogis, I would say…Like a new day, at each practice we need to check in to how we are showing up and take note. Perhaps what was a warm up one day, will feel like a work out the next. Come freely to the mat without judgement or expectations. Have fun and don’t take life too
seriously! Create your own practice, try new things, smile in poses, do what feels good and embrace your practice.

And if you are still wondering if yoga is for you… Give it a go, just try it ☺

Updated 1st Jan 2016: Jaymie has moved to Sydney and so is no longer a regular teacher at Yoga Everyday Studio, Stafford. We love Jaymie and we will let you know when she comes to visit us in Brisbane and perhaps take a class.


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