Intro Pass – 10 Days Unlimited Classes for $30

We are Brisbane’s friendliest Yoga Studio and we can’t wait to welcome you! 

Located at 1/39 Hayward Street Stafford, buy your pass online and then turn up 15 minutes before your first class.
Please note we are running a CHRISTMAS REDUCED TIMETABLE from 16 Dec – 6th Jan. Read that here
Your 10 Day Intro Pass will start from the first day you attend.
We have all the equipment you need, just bring YOU!

Choose Your First Class! Regular Timetable below

Time Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
6.00am YOGA FLOW (Brendan) YOGA FLOW (Paula) YOGA FLOW (Meg) YOGA FLOW (Brendan)
8.00am YOGA FLOW  (Steph)
9.30am YIN YOGA-STRETCH (Brendan) BEGINNERS YOGA (Paula) YIN YOGA-STRETCH (Brendan) YOGA FLOW (Stacey) 9:15am YIN YOGA- STRETCH (Olivia) 9:15am YOGA FLOW (Matt)
5.00pm POWER YOGA (Meg) YOGA FLOW (Iain) 4.30pm YOGA FLOW (Stacey)
6.15pm YOGA FLOW (Hannah) POWER YOGA (Steph) YIN YOGA -STRETCH (Aubrey) YOGA FLOW (Matt) FLOW & YIN 90mins (Meg)
  •  Power Yoga – A strong power styled yoga, meaning you keep moving and flowing between positions building internal heat in your body. A vigorous and energetic form of yoga and the time will fly by as you build strength by holding positions for a few breaths.
  • Beginners Yoga – This is a basic level flowing yoga class where we will focus is on learning and alignment (meaning – doing the postures correctly for your unique body). You’ll build your confidence and foundational knowledge of vinyasa yoga.
  • Yoga Flow – This is a vinyasa styled class that is full of flowing sequences connected to build heat, strengthen your body and release tight muscles and tension with a relaxation element towards the end.
  • Slow Flow A beautiful slower vinyasa yoga (flow) class, focusing on the breath, slow mindful movements with a longer meditation/savasana at the end
  • Yin Yoga (Stretch) This class will work on the aches and pains you’ve created through your dynamic exercise or everyday life. You’ll challenge your muscles to release their tension through holding deep stretches for a longer period of time allowing a deep release.
  • Flow & Yin – A combination class that lasts for 90 luxurious minutes, where you’ll warm yourself up with a Yoga Flow, then chill out with deep Yin holds, to stretch and restore your body.

$30 for 10 Days Unlimited Classes – Intro Pass – BUY NOW