Pre-Natal Yoga…Coming to Yoga Everyday, Stafford!

Pre-Natal Yoga…Coming to Yoga Everyday, Stafford!….

We are excited to be bringing Pre-Natal Yoga to Yoga Everyday!

Paula will be teaching the Pre-Natal Yoga Course which will run in 5 week blocks starting from mid-January. In addition to a wonderful Flow and Restorative Pre-Natal Yoga practice, each student will be taught the basics to also be able to practice safely at home, in between our weekly classes (if she wishes to).

Yoga can offer so many benefits to the expecting mum, and the way Pre-Natal Yoga Classes differ from a normal Yoga Flow or Yin Yoga class, is through the tailored, pregnancy specific, safe postures and breathing techniques. This allows you, the expecting mum to fully relax, rejuvenate and move your body, focusing on what feels right for you, at your stage of your pregnancy.

The benefits of Pre-Natal Yoga are:

  • Mindfulness, relaxation and stress management
  • General fitness and movement (keeps you exercising in a safe way)
  • Increased strength, flexibility, circulation and mobility…all great preparation tools for childbirth
  • Toning and strengthening of the birth muscles (pelvic floor and abdominals)
  • Appropriate stretches to reduce back pain, common in pregnancy
  • Learning a conscious breathing practice which will not only help with stress and mindfulness but become a great technique ready for childbirth
  • Offer a social opportunity to interact and bond with other soon-to-be mums in your local area

Our first course starts in mid/late January and will be a 5 week block. Spaces will be limited to purposefully keep the group small. For more details and to register your interest, please email

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