👌🏼💪🏼 Join Iain for a 1hr ‘Yoga for Blokes’ class on Thursday the 3rd May || 7.30pm – 8.30pm 👌🏼💪🏼

We know, a yoga studio full of ‘chicks in lycra’ can be a little intimidating so we want you to feel welcomed, relaxed while learning yoga. This class, taught by Iain, is a straight talking, direct approach on how to move your body. You’ll learn how to stretch those muscles you’ve always wanted to stretch but have never known how. By stretching and becoming more aware of your own body you will immediately feel the benefits in the other areas of your life, be it exercise or simply sitting more comfortably at your work desk!

During the class you will learn:
– Yoga basics to warm your body up and down
– How to regulate your breath and breathe more efficiently
– How to stretch particular muscle groups
– A basic flow of Vinyasa yoga (don’t worry! You won’t turn into a hippie, this is a straight shooting, practical yoga flow)
This blokes only yoga class will benefit you by:
– Improving your confidence for a general yoga class
– Making you sleep better
– Calming your mind
– Teaching you a ‘Body Check Method’ to improve self awareness
– Reducing your chance or injury
Ps. The Body Check method is an Iain specialty and one not to be missed! It will teach you how to figure out which side of your body is tighter than the other and how to address it. A skill that could save you from future injury!

The class is suitable for blokes who:
– Think yoga is for chicks
– Want to step up a level in their sport and perform better
– Haven’t stretched since Mr Andrews coached them in under 15D rugby team in 1988
– Want an introduction into meditation but have never known how to go about it
– Work in a stressful or physically demanding environment and are constantly under pressure. This class will be your ‘release’
FYI Blokes! A stretched supple muscle is a strong muscle. Go on, bite the bullet and join our yoga class. 😉

Sorry ladies – this class is a no go zone but know a particular male who could benefit?! Pass the details on to them!

Cost: $25
When: Thurs 3rd May || 7.30pm – 8.30pm
Duration: 1hr
Teacher: Iain