Yoga Everyday 30 Day Challenge | Special Event

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October 1- October 30

Spring has Sprung so we all know what comes next… Summer! Looking for a kick start to that holiday season routine or to just get back in check with your Yoga practice? Got some goals to smash? We have the answer!

Our first 30 day challenge is kicking off on 1st October! We have 30 days stacked full of workshops and events to keep you motivated (plus of course our usual awesome regular classes!)

You’ll use your normal class pack or membership for your classes and your 30 Challenger Pack will cost you only $120!

Here is all the value that’s packed into that low price!

30 Day Challenger Pack:
* 1 x Goal setting workshop to get you and keep you motivated for the 30 days (value $30/35) 30/09/17 10:30am – 11:30am
* 1 x Nutrition Talk to your food up for (value $30/$35) 05/10/17 5:15pm – 5:45pm
* 1 x Yoga Nidra workshop (value $30/$35) 12/10/17 7:30pm – 8:30pm
* 1 x Nutrition check in at the half way mark with recipe ideas (value $30/$35) 20/10 11:00am – 1:00pm
* 1 x Yoga Everyday Tank to wear once you have completed the challenge (value $40) 31/10/17
* Access to the Private Challenger Facebook to chat to challenger buddies and share ideas, recipes and motivational stuff!
= Value $160 (member) / $180 (non member) PLUS value of prizes PLUS the value of motivation PLUS so much more!!

Challenger Rules:
You must attend the studio to do your Yoga classes but – we know some days you just can’t make it in and that’s ok … we’ve included four active rest days! On these days you can rest your body but it’s still important to work on stilling the mind… so on those active rest days you still need to do at least a 10 minute meditation.

We will post into the private Facebook group online guided meditation suggestions which you can use as a guide for anyone who would like them.

Prizes and Points:
As always there will be prizes to be won and we’ll be sharing some teaser details as we get closer and throughout the month…to keep you motivated…because a bit of healthy competition is, well – exactly that – HEALTHY!

We will announce the winners via a live stream on our Facebook page.

So here are some guidelines on the prizes and competition part of the challenge:

You can do as many classes as you like and each class counts towards a prize. 90 min classes count for 1.5 classes too so that’s an awesome reason to try them if you haven’t before.

Remember this is all about getting you out of your routine and out of that comfort zone, so study the timetable and try new things! You’ll surprise yourself with what you enjoy.

We’ll also be allocating points for Social Media check ins & sharing photos. Remember – the more people you TELL about a change or challenge you are working towards, the more likely you are to hit it. 2 reasons, people will support you and hold you accountable….. yep so that makes it a scary but awesome thing to do! Social media can be a huge power in this way! …. public support and accountability if you want to have it! (We understand that everyone isn’t into social media so this isn’t mandatory, it’s just an option towards winning one of the prizes).

We will announce the winners of the Challenger prizers via a live stream on our Facebook page.


So, what’s stopping you! That’s right – NOTHING! Get out of your own way, grab hold of the reigns of your life and let’s make it happen!

30. Day. Challenge. Sign. Up. Now!

Cost: $120
Value: $160/$180 plus plus plus!
When: Starts 01/10, last day is 30th October

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