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I found yoga 10 years ago whilst juggling being a mum and working and doing triathlons. Yoga helps me balance out my life and it feels great in my mind and body. I found yoga helps me be the best version of myself. So … I decided to leave the corporate world and become a full-time yoga teacher and personal trainer. I love sharing what I love about yoga with others. Expect a fun class with options available for all levels. Beginners and advanced students welcome.
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Amy has been passionate about health & fitness her whole life, she qualified as a Registered Nurse & studied personal training. Dabbling in the practice of yoga throughout her teens & 20’s she developed a regular practice 4 years ago & fell in love with yoga as a way of living. Completing her teacher training at YogaEveryday in 2019, Amy went on to study Yin Yoga which is where she feels most at home. Wellness & self-care are some of Amy’s favourite things. Yoga has taught her to slow down & to live with compassion & kindness.
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As a former trampolinist, Rachel came to yoga when she began to notice stiffness creeping into her muscles & joints. What began with the desire for a good stretch, soon developed into a whole new way of life & a complete love affair with yoga.  Rachel loves playfully, challenging sequences; the flow of vinyasa, the heat of a strong power practice, as well as, the deep stretch & inner connection experienced through Yin. Rachel also teaches Roll & Release (Myofascial release classes) and is passionate about assisting students in developing a deeper understanding and connection with their body, mind & breath.
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Ang has been teaching yoga since 2012 and is trained in power vinyasa, purna yoga and pre and post-natal. Ang teaches with a focus on alignment, encompassing creative and mindful movements to stretch, strengthen and rejuvenate the whole body. Having suffered from chronic back pain for several years, Ang has a particular interest in working with the spine to develop awareness, strength and support in this area. Ang believes that yoga is something everyone can do and is keen to dispel the myth that yoga is only for the super flexy, bendy and strong bodies of the world.
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Olivia has been practicing yoga for 8 years and began her yoga journey, when her pilates studio started offering yoga classes! Working in the mental health sector, she finds yoga to be the perfect way to destress and re-centre herself. After sustaining a spinal injury requiring surgery, she used yoga to aid her body and mind through her recovery, and knew she needed to become a yoga teacher to share this amazing practice. She is passionate about the use of yoga to support an individuals mental health - a topic she is studying her masters in. Olivia enjoys giving students a balance of challenge and relaxation - for both the mind and the body. Look out for Olivia on the timetable and come along to experience one of her beautiful classes.
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Matt found his passion for Yoga, as a runner who had injured himself while training for a marathon. He thought yoga would just be an awesome way to do some guided stretching, but quickly found out how much more it had to offer, and pretty soon was hooked. Matt loves to teach yoga in a way that makes it available for everybody. He believes that as long as you are practicing safely, challenging yourself a little, and generally getting something positive out of the postures then you are doing yoga well, and it doesn't matter if any of it looks cool enough for Instagram! So, come along and check out a class with Matt, he's looking forward to getting to know you and showing you some moves.
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Carly has a mixed mobility background including qualifications in a variety of different Yoga styles, Mat Pilates, Aerial Yoga, and Massage Therapy, and she utilises all of these elements to inform her teaching. This vast and varied body of knowledge helps her make the practice of yoga accessible to people of all ages, body types and backgrounds. You can expect classes with her to be centred firmly around education and personal empowerment, with a strong focus on anatomy and technical instruction. Her intention is to help you evolve mentally, physically & emotionally both on and off the mat. Classes will nearly always be sprinkled with a wee dash of gentle humour and playfulness too!
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Stacey is our Lead Teacher Trainer. Stacey has been teaching since 2010. Stacey's teaching draws on the tradition of Ashtanga with a modern yoga influence. Her intention is to integrate the traditional teachings in a way that is accessible to all and encourages each individual to explore the beauty of the practice for themselves. With a genuine care for to the development of her students, her classes are attentive, insightful and inspirational. The proud mum of two little boys she is mindful of the importance of balance and the positive effect a regular practice has on her body and mind.
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