Which Class is Right?

Yoga IS for everyone, and there IS a perfect class out there for you. Yoga can be called many different things and when you are starting out, it can be really intimidating.

We’ve tried to keep our names and explanation simple. Remember that you are welcome at every class, regardless of your experience level. The teacher is qualified and ready to guide you through, regardless of your starting point.

  • Beginners Yoga – This is a beginner basic level flowing yoga class. These classes vary, depending on the teacher, however they will cover the most common postures in a Yoga Flow class, to help you to build your confidence and foundational knowledge in those positions. The pace is slower than Yoga Flow or Power Yoga class and you can expect to be given 3-4 more cues, per position.
  • Yoga Flow – This is a vinyasa styled class that is full of flowing sequences connected to build heat, strengthen your body and release tight muscles and tension with a relaxation element towards the end. Each class will be different, based on the teacher and the day!  Variations are offered for all levels so perfect if you are just starting out, or also if you are a seasoned yogi.
  •  Power Yoga – A strong power styled yoga, meaning you keep moving and flowing between positions building internal heat in your body. This is definitely a vigorous and energetic form of yoga and the time will fly by as you build strength by holding positions for a few breaths.  Think building arm, core and leg strength! These classes are great if you are fit, or want to get fit quickly. Don’t be intimidated by the fact they are ‘strong’, every level from beginner to advanced is accommodated.
  •  Ashtanga Yoga – This is strong, structured Vinyasa class following a set sequence of positions. The class starts with Sun Salutes to warm you up, then moves through standing positions and seated positions. Variations are offered in every position, giving you the ability to modify to suit your body and your pace.  You’ll quickly notice your progress each week as the majority of the positions will be repeated.
  •  Hatha Yoga – Hatha yoga class guides practitioners through postures at a slower pace with more guidance on proper alignment. Offered on a Friday evening to get you ready to walk away feeling amazing before you hit the weekend.
  •  Roll & Release –You will be guided through a variety of myofascial release techniques using tennis balls and other props, focusing on the areas of your body where tension is commonly held.  During this session, you will become more aware of where you hold tension, where your “sticky” spots are, how to loosen up your body and alleviate discomfort. 
  • Yin Yoga (Stretch) This class will work on the aches and pains you’ve created through your dynamic exercise, which may have been Yoga, Crossfit, Gym, Running, Cycling or just sitting at a desk for too many hours each day, or working hard ‘on the tools’! Not always a relaxing class, this class challenges your muscles to release their tension through holding positions for a long period of time. The length of time in each position means that you also work hard on breathing and focusing your mind. The focus on breathing is to encourage the muscles to release, increasing your flexibility over time. This class may leave you feeling stiff and sore, but it is an extremely beneficial class for active exercisers or people who are on their feet all day. Typical props are bolsters, blankets, eye masks, straps
  • Yin & Meditation  This is a perfect hour of deep stretches, relaxation, breathing, focusing the mind and slowing everything down. Feel calm, chilled and have you feeling like absolute bliss. Never tried meditation before? This class is the perfect starting place for you. Experienced Meditator? Come and learn new skills. Love Yin but not a meditator? Here is your perfect opportunity to try something new.

EVERY Yoga Class can be tailored to your individual situation, injuries, strength and energy on that day. Don’t be afraid to come early to have a chat to the teacher before class.