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Unsure what to expect? This information will get you up to speed with what you need to know…

FAQ - Clothing

mobility-man-smallWhether you are a guy or a girl, there aren’t many rules when it comes to Yoga clothing, you pretty much can wear whatever you want and feel comfortable in, as long as it’s modest for both you and everyone else in the room. Unlike when you are running and you might need supportive shoes, or when you are playing baseball you will need a helmet, in yoga you wear what feels best, and what covers you up, but lets you move the way you want to.

Here are our clothing tips based on our experience.

  • Long Enough Shorts/Leggings/Bike Pants – You’ll be lunging, stretching and will also have your legs in the air. That means a lot of movement and so you should wear something to a length where you will feel comfortable in multiple positions. There is nothing worse than being distracted by yours or anyone else’s clothes, so perhaps move around in your outfit to check you still feel discreet and secure and if so, you are good to go!
  • T-Shirt or Singlet – This really comes down to personal preference and how much you normally warm up and sweat during exercise. Some people prefer to wear layers, to allow them to moderate their temperature. Some people take their shirt off as they warm up. All of this is OK with us as you will have space by your mat for your extra layers
  • Stretchy Clothes – The point of yoga is to move and stretch, so you’ll need clothes that will stretch with you rather than restrict you. We highly recommend wearing something with a component of lycra in it
  • Firmer is better than looser – Because you will be moving around, including going upside down, if you wear a loose t-shirt it will fall down over your head and if you wear loose shorts they will fall up….. If you aren’t comfortable wearing something firm, just be prepared to tuck your top in to your shorts/pants (at the back or the front), which will do the trick, but can be a bit annoying if it falls out…(when stretching or being upside down…). Alternatively you could wear a firmer top underneath a looser one….the choice is yours
  • Easy to slip off/on shoes – As with most studios, our space is a ‘no shoes zone’ to keep the area where you will be practising clean. We have lots of space in our reception and change room for you to store your shoes.

FAQ - Equipment

Yoga MatWe have everything you need! We have mats for you to use, and only ask that you give them a good wipe down afterwards, for hygiene purposes. (We will also clean them properly, regularly)

We also provide blocks, bolsters and straps for free. We provide a limited number of towels if you forget to bring your own! Some people prefer to bring their own mat & towel, which is a great idea, but not necessary.

We sell a range of yoga equipment in our Studio Store if you want to start to build up your own supply. We’d be happy to guide you on what might be best, particularly yoga mats, as they are quite a unique purchase! We have a good range from starter mats through to more expensive ones. If you have any questions don’t hesitate to call us, or keep reading below and we will try to answer them!


  •  Mat – A good mat is worth it’s weight in gold for a few reasons. Firstly you want the mat to be thick and non-slip. Especially when you are starting out this can really cause unnecessary challenges! We recommend you make this investment as soon as you are able. You will spend a lot of time up close and personal with your mat: laying on it, sweating on it etc, so you may decide down the track that it is nice to have your own, but in the meantime, or at any stage, you are very welcome to use our studio mats, for free.
  • Towel – Are you ready to sweat? You should be! The amount of heat you will build up will depend on you and the type of class. Some people sweat more than others, plus it will depend on you and you body that day, plus other factors such as the weather.  A towel can come in handy to manage your sweat, so bring your own along if you think you think you’ll get a bit sweaty. (We have limited number of towels in the studio so we try to save them for use after showers!)
  • Strap – A strap is basically a belt or piece of material which you can use to put around your feet while you are getting the flexibility to reach your toes. Your instructor will show you how to use them in your practice and which positions they may help you.
  • Block – A block is a brick (cork, foam or wooden) which you can use to adjust yourself in some positions. It can be used to help you reach the floor, to assist with balance, or under your bottom, to provide support or to lift you up in some positions. A block is handy and nice to use, and your teacher will prompt you when you need one.
  • Bolster – A bolster is a hardish cylinder pillow which is used for various reasons; to support your body and to open up and extend your body. Mostly used in deep stretch yoga (also called restorative or yin yoga) they are great to elevate your knees, or to lay you body over. Your teacher will let you know if you need one for the class you are doing and since they are a bit heavy, we will have lots in the studio, ready to go.

FAQ - General

studio ceiling Here are some general questions that we often get asked…

    • Pregnant – Should You Come to Class? Yes! We recommend you come along to a Beginners Class or Yoga Flow Class and be sure to have a chat to the teacher first. We also recommend that everyone should consult their doctor for guidance as to whether yoga is right for you and your individual pregnancy. Occasionally we run Pre-Natal Feature Classes, which are tailored for pregnant yogis. In relation to our general classes, we like to say  a) if you are an experienced yogi, and you are past your first trimester, and have been given the all clear by your doctor, you are welcome to attend any class you believe is right for you and your body. or b) if you are not an experienced yogi (yet!), we recommend you only come along to the Beginners Yoga Classes or the Yin Yoga /Stretch classes only, and make sure you speak to the teacher before the class to discuss adjustments you may need. In all situations, you should be fully aware of your limits and feel comfortable every step of the way. If you have any questions please call us in the studio for a further chat.
    • Do I Need to Book before Coming Along? NO – you can just show up to our regular classes. Some people like to book before hand to get the ‘administration and payment’ out of the way, so if that is convenient for you, feel free, but it is NOT necessary. The only time you need to book is for a Workshop or Event where it will say “BOOKINGS ESSENTIAL”.
    • Can I bring my Children?Well, Yes and No. Our studio is an adult space, and we want to make the environment as ‘chilled’ as possible. So we’ve set out some rules around kids to hopefully make it work for everyone. Children aged 12 or over may attend a general Yoga Class with a parent or guardian. Children aged 16 or over are welcome to attend on their own.  Unfortunately we can’t allow kids less than 12 into our general classes, so we run Kids Yoga Classes for children between the ages of 5-12. We don’t allow children to sit in our chill out / reception space while a class is on, unsupervised, as reception is often left unattended, and we’d hate for anything to happen! We aren’t big on rules, but we thought when it comes to kids, safety and supervision, it’s best that we should have some 🙂
    • Heating/Cooling – In our space, we maximise the natural temperature of our environment, and focus on building internal heat. That said, we do have heaters which we use to take the chill off the room in the winter months, and we have fans to cool us down in the peak summer months. So, what this means is that you should just be prepared as you normally would…meaning if you often get cold you should bring something warm to wear or wrap yourself in, and if you often get hot, you should come in layers that you can peel off.
    • Chill Out – We also have a chill out area with a few magazines and book where you are welcome to hang out, before or after the class.
    • Showers/Towels – We have two private showers that you can use, with individual change areas, to make it easy for you to get ready for work. We encourage you to bring your own towel, but we have a limited number on hand that you can use for free.


FAQ - The Facilities

We want to encourage you to come as much as possible, and we know that means convenience. So, we have built some basic facilities to make sure you can pop in before or after work, or even during your lunch break!

      • Toilet – Yes! Of course – there is a toilet you can use out the back of the studio
      • Showers – We have two private showers that you can use, with individual change areas, to make it easy for you to get ready for work. We encourage you to bring your own towel, but we also have a limited number of towels on hand that you can use for free.
      • Drinks/Food –  Like to relax after Yoga? You are welcome to lounge around with us. We sell Water….or bring your own snack or drink the tap water for free 🙂
      • Tea & Coffee – Tea – We have a selection of herbal teas and the occasional fresh organic lemons, all of which you are welcome to help yourself to. Coffee – Well, we appreciate good coffee…but we certainly aren’t baristas…we recommend you pop down to Elixir, which is just down the road. They are a great family run business and their coffee is amaze-balls. (Their food is pretty awesome too) We are big fans!
      • Yoga Equipment – We provide everything you need within a class, however if you would like to buy your own, we also have a selection of Yoga Equipment for sale in our Studio Shop. Leggings, Tanks, Mats, Blocks, Bolsters, Straps etc and a few other nice bits and pieces.