Beginners Workshop & Kickstarter Package 2018

Beginners Workshop & Kickstarter Package

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Our 2.5hr Beginners Workshop & Kickstarter Package is a great way to start your yoga practice, build confidence and get your body moving. This workshop is in a supportive, relaxed learning environment to allow you to build your confidence slowly and safely, while learning yoga!

For $99 you receive:
• 2.5hr Beginners Workshop
• 3 yoga classes (valued at $60)
• A starter yoga mat (valued at $35)

In the 2.5hours, Paula will teach you the basics of yoga, with the intention to give you the confidence to attend any Yoga class. You will learn the most common positions, including;
• Warrior Standing Positions
• Sun Salute
• Back Bends
• Balances
• Inversions

The workshop is in a supportive, safe environment to try new exercises and see if you are up for positions you may have thought you never could do. We purposely limit this workshop to 10 people. This means there’s plenty of opportunity to ask questions, receive personal attention, get feedback and learn more about yoga and how it feels in your body.

** Please note that we do not offer any refunds if you are unable to attend, as we have reserved this space specifically for you (and spots are limited).

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