Beginners Yoga Workshop 2019

Our 2.5hr Beginners Workshop is a great way to start your yoga practice, build confidence and get your body moving.

This workshop is a supportive, relaxed learning environment to allow you to build your confidence slowly and safely, while learning the fundamentals of yoga.

In the 2.5hours, Paula will teach you the basics and get you confident ready to any yoga class!  You will learn;

• Warrior Standing Positions
• Sun Salute
• Back Bends
• Balances
• Inversions

Don’t worry if you haven’t heard of any of these before… we’ll teach you everything you need to know and you’ll have a workbook to take home with you. 

This is a supportive friendly environment to try new things and work out what feels right for you. You’ll be surprised with what you can do and you’ll walk away with a newfound respect for your body and a clear starting point to improve your flexibility and strength through yoga going forward.

“This is the perfect opportunity for you to get started or get back into Yoga.  85% of previous attendees of this workshop make Yoga a regular part of their life! “
Sat 19th Oct 

 For $99 you will receive:

  • 2.5hour  Workshop
  • 3 x Yoga Classes
  • A Yoga Mat
  • Workbook 

We keep these workshops small to ensure you get to ask Qs & feel comfortable. 

Buy your ticket **before 5th Oct** and get 1 extra yoga class (that’s 4 in total!)


Comfortable, Calm and Relaxed Learning

A supportive, relaxed learning environment means zero intimidation! Paula will welcome your questions, take it slow and allow you the time to explore your body and what's right for you.

Feel Happier and Stronger

Get ready to walk away feeling happier, lighter, proud of yourself and your body. You'll be on your way to a stronger, more mobile you.

Boost Your Confidence

This workshop will build your confidence and get you feeling ready to walk into any yoga class.

Meet Your Teacher

Paula is the Owner of Yoga Everyday, and has been practising yoga for over 15 years and teaching since 2015. She is passionate about making yoga un-intimidating and accessible to everyone, so her teaching style focuses on getting the foundations right, while encouraging students to try new things, ‘have a go’, smile and laugh.  Paula juggles owning & teaching at Yoga Everyday with her career as a Business Consultant.