LIFT FLOAT FLY An Inversion Workshop with a difference! | Special Event

LIFT FLOAT FLY An Inversion Workshop with a difference!

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This inversion workshop will build on the foundations of your Yoga Flow or Hour of Power classes that you are regularly attending.

The aim of this workshop is to learn to flow & fly including jumping into hand balancing positions and jumping into handstand and inversion holds. Steph will break down the practical technical steps to be able to do this, including truly activating your core, anatomical requirements to hold the balance plus the softer skills of listening to your intuition and body and building your confidence. There will be a heavy focus on alignment and gaze, essential to improving your balance and enabling you to fly in positions such as Crane, Eight Angle pose, Firefly, Eka Pada Koundinyasana II (this one is a bit hard to translate to english!!!!) You’ll also work on tuck jumps into handstand and variations of handstands such as split leg handstands and forum balances.

This workshop will be combination of yoga flow movement and yoga drills to isolate particular ares of the body, plus lots of opportunity to ask questions and discuss unique bodies to find out what is right for you.

The goal of this workshop is to help you to understand how to create lightness in your body that allows smooth transitions in YOUR body, to help you flow, lift and fly. We’ll work on letting go of fear, finding fun & happiness on the mat, within your own unique body at your own unique stage of practice.

You’ll have lots of time in the workshop to work on this knowledge … so regardless of your ‘flying’ starting point you’ll be able to take your learnings and apply this to your regular practice, to truly take your practice to the next level.

This workshop is not suitable for beginners – you’ll need to be confident attending Yoga Flow classes and be confident already exploring putting weight on your hands in balances / inversions (e.g.: you need to (although you certainly don’t have to be perfect at those positions!!

Join Steph in this beautiful workshop, and get ready to walk out with a spring in your step knowing you’ve worked hard, learn a whole heap more about yourself and your body and feel ready to take on anything (in yoga or life!)

If you still aren’t sure, chat to Hannah about your personal suitability to get the most out of this workshop! You can email or speak to her in the studio.

Cost: $30 Members || $35 Non Members
Teacher: Steph
When: 02/07/17 || 11:00am – 1:00pm

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