ONLINE Studio Pricing

We want to make yoga accessible during this difficult time, while also keeping our administration low.  This is a temporary business & pricing model, until we can resume our face to face yoga classes.

We’ve kept our online pricing model simple and we hope you’ll join us online for unlimited classes!

(1 online class)

Price: $15.00
• 24 Hours Notice Required
• Purchase a Casual Class & we’ll send you a LINK to join us online
• Class participation is via ZOOM so you will need a laptop, tablet or device that supports Zoom
• No Refunds for change of mind after purchase


Weekly Membership $ 30.00 p/week (debited fortnightly)
• Unlimited Live Online Yoga Classes
• Class replays for 24 hours
• $60 debited fortnightly

Yoga, Mindfulness and Movement is so important during these uncertain times.

Our intention is to keep you connected to a community AND to keep you mentally and physically strong. Yoga is all about practice, breathing, repetition, and turning into yourself and how your body and mind feels each and every day ….and most importantly it’s a journey.

It’s not about nailing the position and being ‘done’. One day you might feel great and strong and another week you’ll feel sad, tired or sore. We encourage you to join a class on both those days and just see what happens. There is no competition. There is no getting it wrong. Eventually, you’ll start to notice the benefits of yoga off the mat, when you are feeling a bit calmer, a bit less stiff and you’ll be walking a bit taller each day.