Restorative Yoga & Meditation ~ Specialty Class

Restorative Yoga & Meditation ~ Specialty Class

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Sunday, 7th October at 4pm -5pm

**Join Paula for a Restorative Yoga & Meditation Specialty Class’ on Sunday 7th October 6.00pm – 7.15pm**

Recharge ready for the week ahead on this **special** Sunday evening class.

Restorative Yoga is the ultimate form of proactive self care. In this special class, we’ll combine long holds in restorative positions with meditation – using our breath to guide our bodies to relax and let go of all the tension that we are holding, physically and mentally.

The theme of this speciality class is ‘Open Your Heart’ and it will facilitate restoration of the heart and will release and restore the tension we hold in this area, both spiritually and physically in our chest, shoulders, neck.

Restorative Yoga & Meditation is proactive healing and nourishment for our bodies and our minds. Too often we only slow down when we are forced to.

You will feel fully supported and nourished in this class. Physically you will be physically supported by blocks and the mind will be full supported by guided breath meditation. This practice will restore your nervous system, revitalise your organs, boost your immune system, quieten and recharge your mind.

It takes courage to be still.

So, go on – be courageous. You’ll walk out feeling superhuman.

(Limited to only 15 people)

Cost: $40 (includes an eye pillow to take home)
$25 for returnees
When: Sunday 7th October || 6.00pm – 7.15pm
Duration: 1hr & 15mins
Teacher: Paula Maidens

Please note; we do not offer any refunds as we have limited places in workshops and specialty classes. If you are unable to attend, please give us at least 72 hours notice. If this notice is provided we will give you a credit to another workshop of equal value. This will also give someone on the waitlist the opportunity to join.