Splits (Hanumanasana) Workshop

Book now ! Splits (Hanumanasana) Workshop

**Join Jess for a 2hr ‘Splits (Hanumanasana) Workshop’ on Saturday the 25th Nov || 11am – 1pm**

Often seen as a pose accessible to only a few students, Hanumanasana (front splits) certainly is a challenge. This workshop will help you understand the mechanics of the pose and allow you to work through the various challenges it presents. Through a carefully structured sequence and skills & drills training, we will approach the splits with knowledge and courage.

During the 2hr workshop you will learn;
– the key components of the posture
– how to modify and use props to your advantage
– how to prepare your body for the pose
– how to safely move into the splits

The splits provides both physical and mental benefits which include:
– toning and strengthening muscles in the legs and abdomen
– you will feel more equipped and confident to work into this pose in your own practice
– through the learning process, the splits teaches you patience and dedication

This workshop will leave you feeling encouraged, inspired and ready to tackle the splits in your own self practice or during class. You may also feel tired but energised!!

Suitable for those who already have a regular yoga practice however modifications and options will be provided. Not suitable for complete beginners. If you have any questions, ask Aubrey!

Cost: Members $30 || Non Members $35
When: Saturday 25th Nov || 11am – 1pm
Duration: 2hrs
Teacher: Jessica Oldfield

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