Our Studio

In our space, we maximise the natural temperature of our environment and use heaters to take the chill out of the room (and to warm us up in Yin), or the fans to keep the air moving when necessary. Ultimately, our philosophy is to use and work with our natural body heat and natural environment, rather than using strong heaters to warm our bodies up, or fans to cool them down. So, this means that you should just be prepared as you normally would……meaning if you often get cold you should bring something warm to wear or wrap yourself in, and if you often get hot, you should come in layers that you can peel off.

We also have a chill out area and you are welcome to hang out, before or after the class.

We have 2 showers that you are welcome to use, and you can bring your own towel or borrow one of ours for free. Yoga before work? Easy!

We love our space and want everyone to feel welcome, so if you see an unfamiliar face, please introduce yourself to your new friend!