Class Timetable

Here is our regular class timetable. All classes are 60 minutes unless specified otherwise. Remember there is no need to book – just turn up!

Time Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
6.00am YOGA FLOW (Brendan) YOGA FLOW (Iain) YOGA FLOW (Lillian) YOGA FLOW (Brendan)
8.00am YOGA FLOW  (Steph)
9.30am YIN YOGA-STRETCH (Tes) BEGINNERS YOGA (Paula) YIN YOGA-STRETCH (Brendan) YOGA FLOW (Stacey) 9:15am YIN YOGA- STRETCH (Olivia) 9:15am YOGA FLOW (Matt)
5.00pm POWER YOGA (Meg) YOGA FLOW (Georgia) 4.30pm YIN & MEDITATION (starts 1st Feb) 4.30pmYOGA FLOW (Stacey)
6.15pm YOGA FLOW (Hannah) YOGA FLOW (Steph) YIN YOGA -STRETCH (Aubrey) YOGA FLOW (Matt) FLOW & YIN 90mins (Meg)
Read an explanation for each class HERE
**All Classes are 60 Minutes unless otherwise stated. 
*** KIDS over 12 are welcome to join our classes with a parent or guardian. Children over 16 are welcome to attend on their own.
**** CLASSES (including Feature Classes) DO NOT need to be booked in advance – you can just show up, unless specified otherwise. If you’d prefer to book, follow the link below.
***** WORKSHOPS DEFINITELY DO need to be booked in advance as spots are limited Workshop & Speciality Classes can be found HERE.

To view our live timetable online or to book workshops CLICK HERE or call 0405 345 697 or email with any questions.