Class Timetable

Here is our regular class timetable. All classes are 60 minutes unless specified otherwise. Remember there is no need to book – just turn up!

Time Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
6.00am YOGA FLOW (Brendan) POWER YOGA (Meg) YOGA FLOW (Brendan)
8.00am YOGA FLOW  (Steph)
9.30am YIN YOGA-STRETCH (Brendan) BEGINNERS YOGA (Paula) YIN YOGA-STRETCH (Brendan) YOGA FLOW (Stacey) 9:15am YIN YOGA- STRETCH (Olivia) 9:15am YOGA FLOW (Matt)
5.00pm POWER YOGA (Meg) YOGA FLOW (Iain) Fortnightly YIN & MEDITATION 4pm (Natalie)* 4.30pm YOGA FLOW (Stacey)
6.15pm YOGA FLOW (Hannah) POWER YOGA (Steph) YIN YOGA -STRETCH (Aubrey) YOGA FLOW(Matt) FLOW & YIN 90mins (Meg)

Read an explanation for each class HERE
* Meditation & Yin is not a weekly class. The fortnightly schedule is listed in Facebook.
** All Classes are 60 Minutes unless otherwise stated.
*** KIDS over 12 are welcome to join our classes with a parent or guardian. Children over 16 are welcome to attend on their own.
**** CLASSES (including Feature Classes) DO NOT need to be booked in advance – you can just show up, unless specified otherwise. If you’d prefer to book, follow the link below.
***** WORKSHOPS DEFINITELY DO need to be booked in advance as spots are limited Workshop & Speciality Classes can be found HERE.

To view our live timetable online or to book workshops CLICK HERE or call 0405 345 697 or email with any questions.