Yoga Nidra – Speciality Class – Theme “Transformation”

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Yoga Nidra for Transformation Workshop

At a time of year where we are busy setting resolutions, join our beautiful teacher Natalie in exploring transformation through Yoga Nidra (yogic sleep).

A form of guided meditation typically done while lying down, Yoga Nidra is based upon both ancient tantric and modern yoga practices. By quieting the mind and relaxing deeply, profound transformation and healing is available. In some circles Yoga Nidra is called effortless transformation, as it’s not something to achieve or ‘do right’.

Yoga Nidra is used for stress management, insomnia, and to improve the functioning of the nervous system and endocrine system. Yoga Nidra works with the energetic body to induce a deep state of rest. From within this liminal space – somewhere between conscious and unconscious – we’ll explore the power of sankalpa (intention/heart’s desire/positive affirmation) and releasing samskaras (subtle impressions of past actions) to realise transformation on many levels.

This Yoga Nidra for Transformation Speciality Class is suitable for students of all levels and mobility, with modifications and props used throughout for support.

Time: Thursday 17th Jan, 7.30pm
Duration: 75 minutes
Teacher: Natalie
Price: $25

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