Yoga Nidra Feature Class

Yoga Nidra

Attend the Yoga Nidra Feature Class!

Yoga Nidra or Yogic Sleep is the stage you are in between sleeping and waking. It is the deepest possible state of relaxation. Even when you sleep, your subconscious is still active which is why we dream. During Yoga Nidra, your mind is calm and your body is completely relaxed while your senses are still operating, making this the ultimate state of relaxation. Finding Yoga Nidra will calm your mind, reduce stress & anxiety, teach you how to observe your body and breath and improve life in general.

The Yoga Nidra feature class, guided by Kaychu, will be held in a positive and warm environment (expect candles and blankets!). You can look forward to starting in Savasana to practice your breathing exercises; abdominal breathing, chest breathing and throat breathing. The class will progress through a journey unique to your body. With gentle verbal instructions, you will become aware of various smells and sounds, connect to your values and desires, set intentions, scan your body, use counting to assist with visualisation techniques to ultimately calm your mind and achieve Yoga Nidra – the ultimate state or relaxation.

Join Kaychu on this journey to self discovery and relaxation and find your deepest state of relaxation – Yoga Nidra.

No experience is required. Yoga Everyday encourages and welcomes everyone to attend.

Cost: $20
30 Day Challengers: FREE
Teacher: Kaychu
When: 9th November 2017
Time: 7:35pm – 8:35pm


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