Meet the Team

Meet the Team Photo

Aubrey, Mel, Paula & Iain (the “Behind The Scenes” Team).
A few years ago, we went on a mission to make yoga accessible for everyone. We threw out the chanting, set our prices low and opened the doors of our modern yoga studio. We believe that everyone can benefit from yoga through improving strength, flexibility, agility, mindset and your overall sense of health and well-being. In our yoga studio, set in a renovated industrial warehouse – we have created a space where you can feel at ease, and we promise to welcome you and introduce you to new friends. If you are new or old to yoga, we encourage you to come along and be challenged inside and out! You’ll love the results, trust us.

We designed the studio around creating a community for everyone… somewhere you and your friends can practice together, or meet new friends and chill out together .

Check out our Teachers, they are all down to earth, normal people, LIKE YOU! Sure they might be a bit bendier, or stronger, but that comes through practice and every single one of them still has positions and parts of Yoga which they find hard! No one is ‘perfect’ in Yoga, so there is no need to be intimidated. We are all here to come together to take time out for ourselves, to stretch, sweat, laugh and improve ourselves along the way

And we are open everyday. Yoga Everyday .

We’d love to meet you and introduce you around. To other Everyday People. Buy Your Pass Now or check out the Timetable and just turn up!