Yoga Terms

Confused? Don’t worry! Here is a quick glossary of the basic yoga terms you might hear.

You can also come along to one of our Beginner Classes…where we will show you the basics a bit slower than a normal Yoga Flow class. You can check out the timetable for these here

Term What does it mean?? (English please!)
Asana This means ‘position’ or ‘pose’ in Yoga
DownDog This is an English translation of a Yoga position. It is a very common pose which you will do in most classes. It takes it’s name from the stretch that dogs do….think of an upside triangle where your hands and feet are both on the floor. Don’t worry we’ll show you!
Namaste This is a word that is said at the end of each class by the teacher. The teacher typically thanks everyone for coming along and then says ‘Namaste’ almost as a a final way to say ‘thank you’. The class repeats is back usually. It’s simply a mutual acknowledgement.
Sanskrit This is the name of the original language of Yoga. Sometimes teachers like to refer to the original name of the pose or posture you are doing, and they may say the word in a language you don’t understand – that is probably ‘sanskrit’. Don’t worry, we keep our sanskrit to a minimum 🙂
Ujjayi   This is a breathing technique. It’s deep breathing with your mouth closed, where you open the back of your throat and push the air out and vibrate the air on the back of your throat.  It’s meant to be relaxing and rejuvenating. Don’t worry – it’s not mandatory 🙂
 Hatha Hatha is the name of the overarching form of many different types of Yoga. The forms we practice at Yoga Everyday all stem from Hatha origins. Hatha means ‘sun’ and ‘moon’ – representing the balance from strong and relaxing positions offered in Yoga.
Om Om is a word that is sometimes said or sung in yoga, to create a vibration or energy in a yoga room. This word is used when Yogi’s chant. While we respect chanting and the spiritual side of yoga, we don’t do much of it at Yoga Everyday.
?? Heard any others? Please ask us – we are always happy to explain…..