GET TO KNOW BRI – one of our amazing Yoga Everyday Yoga Teachers

GET TO KNOW BRI – one of our amazing Yoga Everyday Yoga Teachers….

This week, we spend a bit of time with Bri, one of our wonderful Yoga Everyday teachers. We love Bri, and we figure that you might enjoy getting to know her a bit more as well…..

  1. So why did you become a Yoga Teacher? To share what I love and practice the most with others. My hope was to help others discover the benefits of a yoga practice and start their own personal journey towards self-fulfilment.
  2. Some Yoga teachers juggle it with something else, like another job or studying something, is that the case for you? Yes, I have always been studying or had a part/full time job as well. At the moment I also work at Lululemon which I really enjoy.
  3. I’m sure you must as busy as the rest of us – as you would need to fit in your own practice as well as teaching classes. How do YOU fit it all in? I put my personal practice before my teaching. I think it is important to practice what you preach and so I try not to take on too many classes so that my personal practice is not compromised
  4. So what are your best 3 tips when it comes to practicing yoga  a) Make time for it. If it is a priority you will find time for it. Make it a priority. b) Don’t be afraid to use props like blocks and straps to better align you in postures. When our range of motion limits us we can use blocks to build the ground up closer towards us. Straps can be used to extend our limbs like in a seated forward fold. A strap can be wrapped around the feet as you hold on to the strap to fold into the posture. c) IF something is hurting, STOP! Discomfort is normal but pain is NOT.
  5. Is there a common characteristic or trait that you see in people who practice yoga regularly? Yes. They are calmer, more fluid in their movements, move with grace and intention and are soft with their expressions.
  6. Is there a physical change or difference you see in people who practice regularly? Yes. Their physical practice seems effortless. The practice itself may very well be difficult for the regular, but it’s all in the way they react to the difficult pose, sequence, or practice that makes the difference. They are softer and lighter in the mind and physical body as they move and transition into difficultness.
  7. Is there anything you consider ‘essential’ to practice regularly? A clear space and some reasonable lighting. People in India don’t even use mats to practice their daily asana! So do I think a mat is essential? No. However, it’s much more comfortable on the limbs if one is accessible. As for apparel, of course there are flashy and technical yoga clothes that are intended for yoga but these are just luxury items, not essential at all.
  8. A lot of people say that time is the biggest challenge when it comes to yoga, so what would you recommend if someone only has 15 minutes, and maybe can’t make it to the studio? Sun salutations! It’s a series of movements that are used to warm the body and lubricate the joints. I would suggest 5 sun salutation A’s and 3 sun salutation B’s and transition to warrior 2 for more opening through the hips and then to warrior 3 to balance and build strength. Continue on with some forward folds in standing or seated position and end off with a couple of reclined twists and a well-deserved Savasana.
    9. Anything else that you’d like to share? I think Sri K. Pattabhi Jois nailed it spot on: “ do your practice and all is coming”!

Updated 1st Jan 2016: Bri now works full time at Lululemon and so has cut back her teaching schedule. She can be occasionally seen in our studio helping us out with covers, we’ll let you know when she is around.

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