WORKSHOP : Mastering Your Breath in Yoga, Sport & Life with STIG SEVEINSEN

WORKSHOP : Mastering Your Breath in Yoga, Sport & Life with Stig Severinsen ….

We are excited and honoured to announce that on Sunday the 11th October, we are hosting a workshop with a guy the Discovery Channel have named the Ultimate Superhuman. His name is Stig Severinsen from Denmark and he has spent his lifetime mastering breathing and breath holding to optimize health & performance and is the founder of

In this 2 hour Workshop on Sunday the 11th October from 11am – 1pm Stig will share his performance techniques that he has mastered during his journey to achieve several Guiness Book World records and World Champion Freedives. He is the current World Record Holder for the longest breath hold (22 minutes underwater, as well as the longest dive under ice (only wearing speedos!) and he was the first person to dive below 200ft on a single breath.

As a Biologist, holding a PHD in Medicine, a Yoga and Meditation Master and former Professional Athlete, he will be showering us with knowledge and wisdom to master your breathing and improve your performance in all aspects of your life, your work, your yoga practice, your sport and everything else in between.

Mastering your Breathing applies to everyone. Stig’s workshops are extremely rare and usually fill up by invitation only. He works with CEO’s, Corporate Teams, Yoga Teachers, Advanced Yogis, New Yogis, Professional Athletes to name a few. You will learn a lot and you won’t ever experience anything like this again in Australia.

Workshops like this are extremely rare and he is doing this as a personal favour to the Yoga Everyday team. We therefore suggest you do whatever it takes to join us on Sunday the 11th of October from 11-1pm. You must reserve your place and we may need to restrict numbers, so get in early.

This event is free for Yoga Everyday Members. For Non-Members and Guests to our studio, it will cost you only $20.

This is a rare personal favour and usually you cannot attend his workshops, they are usually filled by invitation.

This is a practical workshop so bring your mat, wear your Yoga/Workout gear and get ready to breathe like a Superhuman.

Location: Yoga Everyday – Unit 1, 39 Hayward Street, Stafford, Q4053
Date: Sunday 11th October
Time: 11am – 1pm (please arrive early to get started by 11am)
Register: Register your interest by accepting the Facebook Event here or emailing to secure your place 

Get to know Stig a bit more in these You Tube Videos and links below:

  • On a single breath of air, Stig Severinsen sets a new official Guinness World Record by swimming 250 feet (76.2m) below the ice in a frozen lake in East Greenland where nobody had ever been diving before! Click Here
  • Stig Severinsen – 22 Minutes Guinness World Record Breath Hold – – FREE Breatheology Academy! Click Here

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    • Unfortunately this is a special event happening in Brisbane only. Sorry! 🙂

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