Food & Yoga – Yoga & Food

Food & Yoga — Yoga & Food

Food & Yoga

This workshop will cover both how the Food you eat affects your Yoga practice, AND how Yoga can help your body digest and deal with the Food you eat!

You’ll learn a lot about Yoga and the specific poses that can help with digestion and bloating, plus understand why they help and a bit about the research that is starting to back up what the traditional yogi’s have known for hundreds of years!

You’ll learn specific tips and techniques to deal with common problems such as bloating and indigestion and you’ll learn tools for mindful eating and the impact of positive versus less positive food choices on your health and energy.

So this will be a mix of movement and yoga positions, plus lots of chatting, discussions and even some tasting and treats. You’ll walk away armed with information, feeling great and empowered to start (or improve) your journey to optimum body, health and energy levels!

Lexi has an amazing background to speak from, as she is in her final year of Nutritional and Dietetic Medicine, has bee practising Yoga for 6 years, has personal experience with and is a hands on consultant for Eating Disorders. And she’s a busy new Mum and an all round beautiful person!

When: 25/06/17
Time: 2:00pm – 4:00pm
Cost: Members $40 / Non Members $45
Teacher: Lexi


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