Food & Yoga – Yoga & Food

Food & Yoga — Yoga & Food

Food & Yoga

This workshop will cover both how the Food you eat affects your Yoga practice, AND how Yoga can help your body digest and deal with the Food you eat!

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Timetable Changes are Coming! Have your Say!

Survey-Timetable-Changes-ComingWe already have a pretty awesome timetable, but it needs a few tweaks, and we want your opinion! Have your say now!

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New (FREE) Community Class Announced! Tuesdays at 7.30pm

Iain-Suzie-Teaching-photo_SMALLYou may have already met Iain on reception or just hanging out at the studio and here is your chance to get to know him a bit better!

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Deep Stretch (Yin Yoga) Workshop & Kickstarter Package

Deep Stretch (Yin Yoga) Workshop & Kickstarter Package!Tight or Immobile Back, Shoulders, Hamstrings… Body? Then this workshop package is for you! It includes:
• 2 Hour Deep Stretch (yin) Workshop plus
• 3 FREE Yoga Class Passes (value $60!) plus
• a FREE Yoga Block & Yoga Strap (value $35!)

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Mindful Movement Workshop – Announced!

We are told to be mindful or slow down but how do we do this? It is easy to say and hard to achieve! This workshop will teach you techniques to help “Anchor” the mind and it’s overthinking. Read More

Studio Stock – Lots of Yoga Goodies!

Are you looking for some yoga clothes, yoga props or just some pretty stuff? Well look no further. We’ve hand selected a small range of stock for your convenience Read More

Paula’s Blog: How Yoga Helped me Through My Pregnancy

As a pretty seasoned yogi, I had a few expectations of myself in relation to yoga and my pregnancy. When I first fell pregnant, I searched for a bunch of information about ‘prenatal yoga’ and ended up doing some PreNatal teacher training – to check the ‘safety’ situation and learn as much as I could. I learnt that while there are some definite pre-cautions you should take, the biggest thing that was more important than anything else was that you needed to listen to your body and just do what feels right. For most of my pregnancy I was feeling pretty good, so for me, that translated into ‘do yoga as normal’ (at least at first) and see what happens. Read More

NEW COURSE ANNOUNCEMENT – 6 Week Beginners Course – Starts 6th JUNE

Beginners Course, Learn the Basics! Limited Spaces! When you first start yoga
or maybe you’ve been doing Yoga for a while, but are keen to go back to the basics, it can be quite confusing and doing it in a room full of strangers can be a little intimidating. We get it! Read More

New Timetable Announcement – OPEN MAT YOGA!

Do you need a little more time to practice. We hear ya!

So we now have “Open Mat” every Wednesday and Friday from 3:30-4:30pm ! Feel free to come into the studio and do your own freestyle practice! Read More

Feature Class Announcement – Kids Yoga Series (3 classes)

We’ve listened and after a number of requests we are going to put on a three part kids feature class!!


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