Yoga For Mums – How Helpful is it REALLY!??

Yoga For Mums

The benefits of Yoga for mums, parents or anyone caring for a baby or child are enormous.  In general, Yoga can help with stress, anxiety and improving your overall sense of wellbeing and calm.


But when it comes to Mums, it’s like these benefits are explosive in their power to help, those early days with a newborn, those tough days with a toddler, or those tiring days when we haven’t had much sleep (does that ever stop!?) Yoga helps with us to deal with those days. To take the edge off the overwhelm or the enormity of the task at hand on those days. Yoga helps through sneakily teaching us to breath, to smile, to laugh, to slow down, in advance, in the studio or at home, so that when those big days hit us, the techniques are already inside us and the benefit kicks in.

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Paula’s Blog: How Yoga Helped me Through My Pregnancy

As a pretty seasoned yogi, I had a few expectations of myself in relation to yoga and my pregnancy. When I first fell pregnant, I searched for a bunch of information about ‘prenatal yoga’ and ended up doing some PreNatal teacher training – to check the ‘safety’ situation and learn as much as I could. I learnt that while there are some definite pre-cautions you should take, the biggest thing that was more important than anything else was that you needed to listen to your body and just do what feels right. For most of my pregnancy I was feeling pretty good, so for me, that translated into ‘do yoga as normal’ (at least at first) and see what happens. Read More