Mindful Movement Workshop – Announced!

Mindful Movement Workshop – Announced!

We are told to be mindful or slow down but how do we do this? It is easy to say and hard to achieve! This workshop will teach you techniques to help “Anchor” the mind and it’s overthinking.

With attention to Breath, attention to Movement and attention to our Senses we will show you how to take “everyday” movements and “life” operations to help you slow down and see the simple things! This workshop will make it seem easier through creating triggers to help us remember to slow down


What you can expect:
This workshop will include movement – so a series of gentle sun salutations and other movements with a heightened sense of purpose and concentration on our physical body as it moves through air/molecules.

We’ll also do some stretching to really feel into the body as well..
Then we will do some breath techniques….
Then we will do some sensory awareness techniques to hone into our sensing body…
Awareness of the breath and physical body is the antidote to thinking…You’ll notice the more you feel the less you need to think…… and we’ll talk about how we can take these concepts and transition them into our everyday lives, to slow us down

This workshop and class will help you to slow down, go inside, have a chat to your mind and walk away feeling great and learning a bit more. About You 🙂


When: 22/04/2017 3:00pm – 5:00pm
Teacher: Nellie
Cost: $30 Members | $35 Non-Members

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