Why don’t we wear shoes in Yoga?

Shoes Shoes Shoes! Who doesn’t love shoes? Some of us like them so much we take great pleasure in having many pairs, one for each day, one in each colour, and one for each workout! But when it comes to Yoga, it’s a little different as you won’t be needing them at all. Read More

GET TO KNOW Jaymie – one of our amazing ‘guides’ at Yoga Everyday

GET TO KNOW Jaymie – one of our amazing ‘guides’ at Yoga Everyday….

This week, we spend a bit of time with Jaymie Koch, one of our wonderful Yoga Everyday teachers. We love Jaymie, and thought you might like getting to know her a bit better as well. Read More

Why if you sit all day, you MUST do yoga

So many of us have an office based job, where we sit up to 6 or 7 hours a day. And depending on if you are one of those people Read More

Travel Yoga Tips for Business

Quite a few of us travel for work, and we know that our exercise and health routine can go flying out the window, if we aren’t careful.   We spoke to a few people who travel regularly Read More