Travel Yoga Tips for Business

Travel Yoga Tips for Business

Quite a few of us travel for work, and we know that our exercise and health routine can go flying out the window, if we aren’t careful.   We spoke to a few people who travel regularly and have taken all their tips and listed them here for you.

1. Know your schedule – Plan to get up early and do yoga in the morning, get it out of the way before your day gets interrupted and doesn’t go to plan! Where possible, book your meetings for a 9am start, which will fit in a 6am yoga session and still have time for breakfast and coffee.

2. Know your location – Research before you go or as soon as you arrive, the closest studio – is a great source. You can pop in your postcode or the suburb where you are staying and a lot of your options will come up. Commit to doing yoga regardless of whether there is a convenient class or time for you. You can practically do Yoga anywhere – in your hotel room, outside in the park, depending on your confidence and skill level. Remember, even stretches on your hotel bed counts!

3. Find or Plan a trusty travel yoga sequence – the options here are endless and by having this as a backup, even if there isn’t a studio handy, you are prepared and ready to go. You could either:

  • Write down a series of poses from memory to do in your hotel room
  • Find a YouTube video of a 15-20 minute yoga session
  • Download an App onto your iPhone
  • Take a DVD to play on the DVD recorder in the hotel or on your computer
  • Do you know there is a YogaTV channel on some hotel TVs? Look on the hotel’s website to see if that is available…it cycles yoga every hour…and it’s great!

4. Take a small Yoga Towel – it’s small and foldable and means you won’t have to face plant the hotel carpet (unless you are in a nice hotel, then you may want to!) or risk wet grass if you are heading outside.

5. Pack your Yoga Gear – Choose your least bulky outfit and pack it first..that way it won’t be discarded so quickly, if space gets tight.

6. Finally……Commit & then Do It! Even if it’s not ideal, not in a great studio, or only on your hotel room floor, or even if you forget which position comes next, it’s a bit disjointed and /or slower than you’d prefer…..just get on and do it.   If you are feeling a bit de-motivated or silly, just remember how good you feel after and much better it will set you up for the remainder of your busy work day. And remember, the only person looking at you, is YOU!

(PS – Do you have any extra tips to share? We’d love to hear them!)

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