Yoga Fun: Top 10 Signs you Might need to HIDE your yoga habit.

Yoga Fun: Top 10 Signs you Might Need to HIDE your yoga habit

We all know those people who take things a bit too far. Have you ever wondered if you might be becoming one of them and getting ‘a bit too much’ into Yoga?  Take our quick quiz to see

  1. Your voicemail begins and ends with “Namaste.”
  2. You’ve started wearing your yoga pants to work on Casual Friday’s
  3. You don’t like wearing skirts in case you fancy doing a head stand or side angle pose in the coffee line
  4. You manage to squeeze a Yoga term into every sentence. Eg: “My stomach hurts, down in my bunda. Let’s just hang out here in Tadasana for a while. Or could you bend over into uttanasana pose and pick up my pen for me?
  5. You’ve stopped bathing and shaving
  6. Instead of getting angry when someone cuts you off in traffic, you see it as an opportunity to share a Buddha type forgiveness quote, loudly out the window
  7. You bow your head and lift your hands up into Namaste when you are saying goodbye, to everyone
    8. You’ve stopped sneaking your laptop, chips/crisps, chocolate and alcohol into weekend Yoga Retreats
    9. You’ve changed your name to “Spirit”
    10. You’ve renamed your dog to “Downward”

Didn’t tick any of them? Don’t do any of them? Pheeww. That’s good – Neither do we.  We just like the strength, flexibility, agility and overall good feeling we get from regularly doing yoga.  So come along and check out the our timetable for a class to suit you.

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