Yoga on Holidays? Seems all too Hard? 5 tips to make it as easy as sipping a Pina Colada…
Yoga on Holidays? Seems all too Hard? 5 tips to make it as easy as sipping a Pina Colada…

I’m sure we all remember going on holidays and enjoying ourselves a ‘bit too much’…..returning to work, home, life feeling fabulous, but sluggish, unhealthy and even a bit stiff and sore.

Sometimes, with the benefit of hindsight, maybe we could have been a bit more active. Often we find ourselves in beautiful locations where appreciating the scenery and being outside is essential. So, why not try a bit of Yoga on your next holiday, and combine Yoga and the beautiful scenery to make a memorable holiday memory?

Having just returned from a mini-vacation, where let’s just say, we certainly did ‘enjoy ourselves’… I thought I would share our tips on how we managed to squeeze a bit of yoga into our holiday. (ohh…and soo much yummy food, fabulous wine….too many cocktails….but OK OK, back to the Yoga!)

  1. Scope out a small flat space where you can practice. You genuinely only need the same amount of room that your mat would take up in the studio, so your options are endless.
  2. Choose a spot with a view. Doing Yoga outdoors is such an amazing experience and your enjoyment and concentration can be enhanced by having something awesome to look at. Beach, ocean, trees, sculptures etc
  3. Don’t worry about a Mat! If you want to use a towel, sure, but really, it’s just as fun to get down and dirty with the sand, earth, ground, floor, concrete, whatever underneath your hands and feet. It will enhance and make your Yoga experience a bit more different and memorable.
  4. You might prefer to choose a spot or a time that is private-ish. Distractions are… exactly that – distractions!…. and once you get going you want to keep going!
  5. Now it’s time to just START! You don’t have to worry about having a sequence or what do to, just do the first position that you remember, and then the second, and then the third, etc etc. And if you forget what to do next, just sit and breathe until you think of another position. If you have a friend with you, perhaps take turns in choosing what position to do next. Or just do your favourite position…..Over and over again!!! It really doesn’t matter and it doesn’t have to flow or feel anything like a perfectly sequenced class, it’s just about moving your body, and enjoying the amazing place and environment you are in.…..Oops I know we said 5 but here is the 6th suggestion!
  6. Laugh & have fun. Don’t take it too seriously and just make it an adventure and all part of the experience of your holiday!!! Who cares what you look like and if it’s not perfect. You did it! Yoga + Holidays = Awesome!

PS Here is a fun little video of Iain and I doing some Yoga on the beach on Hamilton Island.

🙂 Paula x

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