The 5 Things that will help you prepare for Beginners Yoga

The 5 Things that will help prepare for Beginners Yoga.

We find that there is a lot of myth busting to do when it comes to Yoga. Sometimes for a beginner, the image of very flexible people doing impossible looking positions may seem intimidating. What if I can’t do it? Or there is no way I’ll be able to do that, what is the point? These might be some of the thoughts you could be having if you are thinking about trying Yoga.

At Yoga Everyday, we are on a mission to make yoga accessible for everyone and to offer you a space where you can relax, have a go, and feel comfortable.

So here we share with 5 tips which will help you prepare and relax before your first yoga class

1. You won’t ever look like the person next to you – and that’s OK! 

It’s because you are you and they are them and you are very different! And that is always OK and there is no need to worry about it. We don’t have mirrors in our studio on purpose – what’s to look at? Our teachers have all learnt the same way you are, and will offer variations for all levels and body types in the room.

2. You won’t be able to do every position – and that’s OK! 

In fact this applies to everyone in the room, everyone who visits the studio, not just beginners. Everyone has positions they are great at and positions they aren’t so great at (even the teachers!) For a range of reasons (bones, muscles, fitness, length of limbs etc) you won’t be able to do something. And that’s OK! You’ll be offered a suggestion or an adjustment to suit you or even sometimes a different position entirely. It’s about giving it a go and having a laugh.

3. You will probably experience a range of emotions in a Yoga Class – and that’s OK!

You will feel happy, you will (hopefully) laugh at yourself, you almost definitely will get cranky or frustrated – at yourself and maybe even at your teacher. But again, this is all part of yoga! You are trying something new, outside of your comfort zone and (hopefully) starting to become more aware of yourself, your strengths, your limitations and learning to smile along the way

4. People aren’t as serious as they first might appear, in Yoga.

Often when we look around a Yoga room or see someone doing yoga they look so serious, or sometimes they might appear to have an angry face! Don’t worry they aren’t angry! This is usually just a look of concentration….and maybe a silent prayer to not fall over..if they are balancing on one leg or one arm 🙂 A few minutes later they will be laughing and smiling! We work hard to create a community feel at Yoga Everyday where everyone is welcome, so you’ll be introduced to a few new friends and you’ll start to get to know their ‘concentration face’.

5. You WILL have FUN!

That’s what’s great about Yoga. You will smile both throughout the class and as you walk out the door. You’ll feel so proud of yourself! It’s fun and satisfying to new things, to challenge and surprise yourself – so come along and give it a go!

Yoga Everyday is a new Studio at Stafford, Brisbane. Recently opened, we are have created a community and a space where everyone feels welcome. We run dedicated Beginners Yoga classes 3 times a week, however we welcome Beginners at EVERY class. Our experienced Yoga Teachers will always offer levels and adjustments.

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