Beginners Workshop & Kickstarter Package

Beginners Workshop & Kickstarter Package

Interested in Yoga but wondering if it’s right for you? Heard about the many benefits but feeling a bit intimidated by some of the crazy positions you see on instagram? Looking for a comfortable, calm, relaxed learning environment to start Yoga, and begin to reap some of those benefits?
Then this Beginners Kickstarter Workshop Package is for you!

Yoga will transform your life. It will change you on the inside and improve you on the outside. Get ready to start to feel happier, free-er, a bit less creaky, a lot stronger and more mobile.

This 2.5hr Workshop is one of our signature workshops and we are so proud of the success rate of our attendees! Over 85% if attendees of this workshop go on to make yoga a regular part of their life, so if you’ve been looking for the opportunity and the right time to start – THIS IS IT!

This workshop will build your confidence and get your body moving. A supportive, relaxed learning environment means lots of opportunities to ask questions, take it slow and explore – and you’ll walk out ready to participate in any general yoga class!

For $99 you receive:
• 2.5hr fun Workshop where you’ll meet new friends & learn heaps!
• 3 yoga classes (valued at $75) to kick start that regular practise
• A brand new yoga mat to take home (valued at $35)


Over the 2.5 hours, Paula will teach you the basics of vinyasa yoga (vinyasa means connecting positions with movement) with the specific intention of building your confidence to attend any Yoga class.

You will learn the most common positions and have the opportunity to ask questions! The common positions include:
• Warrior standing positions
• Sun salute
• Backbends
• Balances
Don’t worry if you don’t know what any of that means! We’ll teach you!

“After a two and a half hours of beginners yoga workshop with Paula, I feel amazing. Loved it. Charlotte More (Facebook review)

These workshops usually sell out, so book your ticket now! If you wish to start your 3 free classes before the workshop this is possible – just buy your ticket, then speak to Aubrey at and we will get you started earlier!

** Please note that we do not offer any refunds if you are unable to attend this workshop after you have purchased your ticket, as we have reserved this space specifically for you and spots are limited. Please double check your diary before purchasing your ticket to make sure you can attend. Namaste.


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