Get to Know HANNAH – Our Studio Manager & Yoga Teacher at Yoga Everyday

Get to Know HANNAH – Our Studio Manager & Yoga Teacher at Yoga Everyday ….

This week we spend a bit of time with Hannah, our Studio Manager and one of our fabulous Yoga Everyday, Stafford teachers. Hannah has a unique style and offers 3 chilled out, down to earth Yin Yoga classes each week. Read on to get to know Hannah a bit better ……

1. So why did you become a Yoga Teacher?
I was like a brick… I was optimistic about Yoga then all the benefits it was giving me mentally and physically really began to shine through helping with my other training and life in general. I wanted to be able to help the other bricks out there like me! So Far it has been an extremely rewarding experience seeing people progress and going from strength to strength.

2. Some Yoga teachers juggle it with something else, like another job (a non yoga teaching job) or studying something, is that the case for you? I manage Yoga Everyday and couldn’t think of a better way to spend everyday. Each day I get to engage with all the wonderful people that come through the doors, learn from them and teach them! What more could you want really?

3. I’m sure you must as busy as the rest of us – as you would need to fit in your own practice as well as teaching classes. How do YOU fit it all in? Like everybody some days I just don’t feel like doing anything but alas I manage my time between ‘’work” and Yoga making the commitment to myself to participate… I always feel great after I do a class!

4. We surveyed a bunch of people, and almost everyone said they wished they could do more yoga, in fact 50% said they’d like to do it 2-3 times a week, which we think is a great goal. Lots of things come up…..and the most common response is that they just ‘run out of time’. Do you have any advice for these people, or is there a secret you can share from what you observe from your regular students?

My advice would be to set a goal… try and commit to that goal whether it be a home practice or coming into the studio. I like to set a goal and then shift the posts a little once I’m close to reaching to remind myself to keep going. I see a lot of students really surprising themselves once they commit to Yoga and seeing the mental and physical benefits it is providing them.

5. Let’s talk about practicing in a studio. Lots of people have said to us that they are a bit intimidated going to a studio, or find it hard to find the right ‘class’ for them. Any advice you can give on that front? Pick the style off the timetable the resonates with you and your life style at first glance. Don’t be afraid to ask the teachers questions about what suits you. The rest will fall into place and you will soon see yourself in all different types of classes!

6. Sometimes the teachers can be intimidating because they are so good at EVERY position!!! What advice do you have for someone who feels a bit nervous or intimidated going to a yoga class? We all started somewhere and believe me we are intimidated as much as you are sometimes! My advice would be, have a chat to the teacher let them know what you’re there for and any concerns you may have…and then jump in and have a go!

7. Is there a common characteristic or trait that you see in people who practice regularly? A healthy mindset and an absolute love for being in class!

8. Is there a change or difference you see in people who practice regularly? What can people expect to see or notice in themselves, after a while? Of course you will start to see the physical benefits maybe touching your toes for the first time or holding one of those crazy arm balances. A massive difference I see is mindset… happiness and having the capability to switch of let go and flow!

9. Is there anything you consider ‘essential’ to practice regularly?
Stretchy pants… seriously stretchy pants are life!

10. Anything else that you’d like to share that might help or encourage people to do more yoga? Maybe something you’ve observed or wish you could ‘tell’ everyone? I wish I could tell everybody that Yoga is for everybody and not just those super flexible people… you don’t need to be flexible to do yoga!

Hannah teaches Yin Yoga / Stretch on a Wednesday at 6.15pm, Thursday at 9.30am and Saturday at 9.15am. You’ll be sure to laugh and chat along with her as she offers loads of variations to suit all body types. Even ‘bricks’ like her 🙂 Read more about Hannah here, check out the timetable and come and try out a class with her!

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