New Class – Yoga Foundations – Fridays at 5pm

New Class – Foundations Yoga – Fridays at 5pm! ….

We are excited to announce that we have started a new class style, called Yoga Foundations….From Friday the 29th January, this new class will focus on alignment and getting the basics right…..

Suitable for all levels, it will be slower than a Yoga Flow but can still be as strong as you want to make it. You’ll receive more detailed cues to improve your alignment and knowledge of the fundamentals. Suitable for both beginners or experienced yogis, so regardless of your experience, you’ll be able to work to your level, and walk away with many ‘ah-ha’ moments as you build a greater awareness (or reminders) of the what and the why of yoga. You can read the full class description here.

Taught by Mimi, an extremely experienced teacher, will explain the basics and push you outside of your comfort zones, with lots of demonstrations and a huge smile on her face! The 6.15pm Yoga Flow on Fridays will remain as well.

Get ready to walk away feeling more confident and more connected with your practice.
Come along and check out a Yoga Foundations class on Fridays at Yoga Everyday Stafford now!

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