Intro to Pilates

Intro to Pilates
Intro to Pilates

Intro to Pilates

Curious about Pilates? Wanted to know what the difference between Pilates and Yoga is?

Perhaps you are working on rebuilding your strength after children? Or maybe you just want to work on your core and toning?


Pilates is great for anyone looking to learn how to engage their pelvic floor muscles, core muscles, increase strength and flexibility, improve posture, reduce stress and much more.

There is lots of cross over between Pilates and Yoga, but once thing is certain, Pilates will improve your yoga practice! The big difference is that Pilates is mostly mat work, with a heavier focus on building core and body strength. When it’s time to Flow back in your Yoga Class, your body will thank you!

Julia is both a Yoga and Pilates teacher, so this amazing dual qualification & experience will mean she will teach you how to take your Pilates techniques and use them to elevate your Yoga practice as well as building a stronger, more toned, more flexible, better postured body. Julia has taught in Brisbane, Sydney and the US (in the Yoga & Pilates hot-spot Los Angeles!) and has even taught some celebrities. (We’ve told her all about you, our Bris-Vegas celebrities and she is super excited to meet you!)

We are running these Pilates Classes as a course, as Julia will be teaching and building on techniques each week.

The 4 week course is $60 Members or $80 for non-members.
If you are unable to commit to the 4 class but want to drop into one class, you can do that for $25 as a Drop In, but advance bookings are essential.

Course Starts: 15/06/17 date for 4 weeks. Last class is 06/07/17
Time: 7.30-8.30pm
Teacher: Julia
Cost: Members $60 | Non Members $80 or $25 Drop in (One Class)



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