Sun Salute Fundamentals Workshop

Sun Salute Fundamentals Workshop
Sun Salute Fundamentals Workshop

Sun Salute Fundamentals Workshop

So… you’ve been attending Yoga classes and you are enjoying it… but sometimes you feel lost and you are keen to learn and understand more? Or perhaps you’ve attended the Beginners Workshop or Beginners or Yoga Flow classes and you want to build your confidence or get a refresher? Then keep reading… this workshop might be for you!

Sun Salute A (Surya Namaskar A) is a regular flow that you’ll find in almost every Yoga class. The purpose of the sun salute is to warm your body up, and we typically move through it quite quickly in class. And we know that each teacher says different things and everyone around you is doing different things – we get it – it can be confusing!

So this is a workshop to BREAK DOWN that flowing series of postures, to SLOWLY examine the fundamentals of each part of the flow, understand the variations and most importantly – work out what is right for you, based on your unique body, your current strength and/or any injuries or situations you are working with.

We’ll also talk about common mistakes, how to feel if you are doing the positions correctly and also some homework (takeaway) exercises after knowing what you need to work on to progress to the next stage.

In particular we’ll be looking at:

– Each stage of the Sun Salute A Flow (Surya Namaskar A)
– High Plank to Low Plank – transitions, alternatives, including lots of time truly understanding “Chaturanga” and if it’s right for you
– Where you should be ‘feeling’ each pose, including where you shouldn’t be feeling it!
– The Step-Through transition from Down Down to front of the mat (examine the variations – step, walk, jump) and we’ll also break down this movement to understand your own body and what you need to do to get your foot through with ease

As always – this workshop will be your opportunity to chat ask questions, so you’ll definitely walk away understanding your body and what’s right for you! We will do lots of flowing, as well as lots of warming up, strength drills and of course lots of stopping and starting and lots of time to work on your own, and partner work, to get feedback and ask lots of questions.

Limited to 20 spots to ensure a small group environment with lots of personal attention.

Cost: Members: $30 / Non Members: $35
Saturday 30th Sep 2017 || 2:00pm – 4:00pm



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