Workshop Announcement – LONG SLOW DEEP – 11th JUNE

Workshop Announcement – LONG SLOW DEEP – 11th JUNE

Nourish ~ Restore ~ Grow (Long, Slow, Deep, Feature Class $30), Limited Spaces!

The Long Slow Deep sequence focuses on floor postures designed to open the hips, create space and length for the spine. Unique to this practice is a yang quality, with a warm up series to activate and awaken the mind and body before immersing in the art of slowing down. This class promotes wellness by allowing time and space for the mind and body to let go.

Settle in with long holds, use props for added comfort and start to unwind. Turn your focus inwards and take notice. Experience a shift, as mindfulness based principles are incorporated in the practice…move from the daily routine and constant thoughts, to a place of calmness and reflection.
Sounds nice? Join Jaymie & come and find out what’s possible.

Cost: $30 for 2.5hr Nourish~Restore~Grow
Date: SAT 11th June 4:00-6.30pm
Places are limited to BOOK NOW HERE

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