Yoga For Runners – New Workshop Announced – 19th November!

Yoga for Runners – 19th November

Whether you’re training for a marathon, working towards your first 5k, or just about to hit the pavement for the first time, yoga is the perfect running partner.

Join Matt for 90 minutes of Yoga tailored specifically for Runners!!

SAT 19th NOVEMBER 11am-1pm | YOGA FOR RUNNERS – Limited Spaces

The Workshop will cover 4 key areas
*Yoga to improve running performance
*Yoga to mitigate injury
*Yoga as a complementary exercise for runners
*How to adjust your yoga practice to maximise running performance

We will take a detailed look at specific postures that will help with performance & injury prevention, focusing on the benefits of opening some of the common areas of tightness in runners AND strengthening the 5 key muscle groups involved in running: Glutes, hammies, quads, core and calves.

We will also look at how some of the postures commonly practiced in yoga, can be adjusted to maximise the benefit for runners.

We’ll look at the poses individually, then integrate them into a flow, which will workout some of the areas of the body that runners tend to neglect!

Want to understand the science of what we are talking about? Well, your risk of running injury can be reduced by addressing bio-mechanical imbalances and muscle weaknesses that put our joints at risk of overuse injuries. Yoga will also help you find the core strength and hip flexibility to allow you to access the optimal bio-mechanical angles for energy transference.

Put simply, good alignment means you’ll get better speeds from the same output of energy…Sounds Good RIGHT!? Yup we think so too!

So, come along for plenty of tips to improve or start your running!
This workshop will be all about how yoga and running can complement each other and offer you a lifelong plan for health and fitness.

$30 for Yoga Everyday Members
$35 for Non-Members

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