Modern Meditation – For the Real World!

Modern Meditation – For the Real World!

Whether you work in a busy corporate job or cruise around like a chilled surfer, meditation will enhance your life, mind and overall well being. Now a regular FORTNIGHTLY feature class, we offer a modern form of Meditation, for everyday people, like you.

Meditation Classes – Fortnightly on SATURDAYS 4pm – 5pm – Limited Spaces

To draw on the experience of one of our students, Deb said “I loved how Nellie made the meditation so accessible, broke it down into small amounts of time and gave us permission to not feel bad when our mind wandered”

Deb runs her own business, and is one of those people whose diary is seriously full, and usually finds it hard to ‘stop’….. normally believing her time is better spent working through her massive to-do list. But after being encouraged to come along to Meditation and give it a try, the experience had her raving about it to her friends and committed to making it a regular part of her life.

Our Meditation class at Yoga Everyday is enjoyable, accessible and easy. Sometimes when we think of meditation our mind jumps to assumptions like ‘uncomfortable seating position on the floor for ages’ or ‘unbearable periods of silence’.

Here are some tips as to what you can expect in our classes:

* The 60 minutes will fly past and you can lay down if you want to (or sit up on a comfy cushion if you prefer).
* You will be guided to listen to music, breathing techniques or sensations in your body, meaning you won’t be left in silence wishing your mind ‘would stop’
* You can wear whatever you want and you don’t have to bring anything. Any comfortable clothing will do, it doesn’t even need to be exercise gear, and we have all the equipment, cushions, mats, blankets you will need.
* You’ll be able to laugh, chat, relax and have a good time. You can’t ‘get it wrong’ and you certainly won’t get in trouble
* You will definitely walk away with a new sense of AHHHHHHHhhhhhhhh

Sounds good? Yep. It is.

Meditation is brilliant for stress, anxiety, balance and improving your sense of calm and well being. It is appropriate for every person from every walk of life and at Yoga Everyday we love the wide range of people we have in our classes.

Join us – check Facebook for all the dates….You won’t be sorry! We Promise.

Members: FREE (this is included in your unlimited weekly pass)
New People or Non-Members: $20 normal drop in or use your 10 pass.

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