Will I Sweat Enough in Yoga to Loose Weight? ….

As we all know yoga has many benefits such as being flexible, toning our muscles, reducing stress. But a question we often get asked is “will I loose weight” and perhaps the underlying question is “will I sweat enough to lose weight in a yoga class?”

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How Yoga Can Help You Manage Stress ….

Stress can make a huge impact on your life and it can come from all different aspects of life: work, money, relationships or some life changes just to name a few. And with so much to think about, it is normal to feel stressed. Read More

Why Businesses are using Yoga to Drive Staff Productivity ….

Working in the corporate world can be tough. So many things can affect you. You can start out with a well organised plan for the day and within minutes, you can be juggling 5 things you had no idea you would have to deal with. Deadlines loom, pressure increases. So how are businesses using Yoga to Help? Read More


FREE ORGANIC LEMONS! We have beautiful organic freshly picked lemons from Paula’s parents farm in Maleny for everyone to enjoy …. so please take a couple when you visit or stay and enjoy a cup of fresh lemon tea after your yoga class… Read More

Opening Weekend – Yoga Everyday Stafford

What a great weekend!

So far we’ve had 5 Free Yoga Classes to celebrate our opening and over 80 people through our doors! We’ve had Yoga Flow, Power Yoga and Yin Yoga (Stretch) classes and such great feedback about our teachers, our funky studio and welcoming feel. Tomorrow is the last day of our celebration ‘opening’ with 2 more Free Classes – 5.00pm Hour of Power Yoga (with Brendan) and 6.15pm Yoga Flow (with Kerri). Read More

Travel Yoga Tips for Business

Quite a few of us travel for work, and we know that our exercise and health routine can go flying out the window, if we aren’t careful.   We spoke to a few people who travel regularly Read More