30 Day Winter Challenge

30 Day Winter Challenge
30 Day Winter Challenge – Starts 16th July

30 Day Winter Challenge

Get out those diaries, plan your schedules, and sign up! Our 30 day winter challenge starts 16th July!

We all know what happens in winter…. we slow down… we eat more…. we snuggle under jumpers… and so this challenge is all about keeping you MOVING, keeping you HEALTHY and setting you up for spring and summer! The challenge is simple – 30 classes in 30 days. It doesn’t have to be every day – it just has to be at least 30 classes in 30 days to be eligible for the ‘big’ prize.

By the end of those 30 days, you will feel empowered and embodied into your yoga practice.
Your confidence will have magnified both on and off the mat. You will feel stronger, calmer and have more clarity of thoughts around your life and future.
You’ll have made new friends and you’ll notice your heart is more open to yourself and others.

WOW. Excited? You should be!

This challenge will transform you.

COST: The cost is minimal. It’s a $30 entry fee and you use your normal class passes for the classes.

Weekly meditations, access to a private Facebook group which will have lots of motivation and good stuff going on.
You will go in the running to win the Prizes
You will be motivated by being part of a committed group of yogis, changing their life.
You’ll get accountability and support!
You’ll get free entry to the End of Challenge Celebration SlowFlow Yoga Class (75mins of bliss)

Something magic happens when you sign up to a group and make a commitment to yourself AND each other.
The accountability to others as well as yourself focuses your subconscious on your commitment and in turn, the likelihood of success sky rockets.
The group dynamic will mean your participation explodes as will your yoga practice both on and off the mat. You’ll start to feel proud of yourself and the others in the group and feel like your whole life is ‘on track’ , as you progress towards your common goal.
Plus you’ll make new friends and have new yoga buddies!
Like anything, the more you give, the more you will get!

PLUS a bit of healthy friendly competition goes along way and the prizes are great!

We love giving away prizes! There are lots of prizes up for grabs! …… but the BIG Prize is an ANNUAL MEMBERSHIP – value $1170!! WOW that’s a whole lot of yoga that we are giving away!!!

….. more info about other prizes will be announced soon…ao stay tuned!!!

END OF CHALLENGE CELEBRATION – Thur 15th 9.15am (75mins)
**Special Public Holiday Class**
75 minutes of Slow Flow lead by Paula followed by morning tea (healthy treats!) and prize draws

Register NOW via this link …..
Commit early so you can start to prepare!
After you’ve signed up, you’ll receive an email from us with preparation tips, including an invite to the facebook group.

Sign up now!



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