Yin & Meditation | Journey through Emotions

Yin & Meditation | Journey through emotions

Join Natalie for a one-hour class combining yin yoga and guided meditation to improve mobility and energy levels, plus boost mental and emotional equilibrium.

Each class focuses on postures and imagery to balance emotions linked to specific traditional Chinese medicine meridians.

Cost: Normal class passes apply
Time: 4-5 pm
When: Fortnightly on Saturdays, starting the 11th May.
Teacher: Natalie

* Saturday 11th May: Lung meridian. In balance: humility, tolerance, modesty. Out of balance: contempt, false pride, prejudice.

* Saturday 25th May: Liver. In balance: happiness. Out of balance: unhappiness

* Saturday 8th June: Gall bladder. In balance: love, forgiveness, adoration. Out of balance: rage, fury, and wrath.

* Saturday 22nd June: Heart. In balance: love, forgiveness. Out of balance: anger.

* Saturday 6th July: Stomach. In balance: content, tranquil. Out of balance: disgust, greed, and nausea.

* Saturday 20th July: Large intestine. In balance: self-worth. Out of balance: guilt.

* Saturday 3rd August: Bladder. In balance: peace, harmony. Out of balance: frustrated, impatient.

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