Opening Weekend – Yoga Everyday Stafford

What a great weekend!

So far we’ve had 5 Free Yoga Classes to celebrate our opening and over 80 people through our doors! We’ve had Yoga Flow, Power Yoga and Yin Yoga (Stretch) classes and such great feedback about our teachers, our funky studio and welcoming feel. Tomorrow is the last day of our celebration ‘opening’ with 2 more Free Classes – 5.00pm Hour of Power Yoga (with Brendan) and 6.15pm Yoga Flow (with Kerri). Read More

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Yoga Fun: Top 10 Signs you Might Need to HIDE your yoga habit

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Travel Yoga Tips for Business

Quite a few of us travel for work, and we know that our exercise and health routine can go flying out the window, if we aren’t careful. ¬† We spoke to a few people who travel regularly Read More