Tight? Tense? Stressed? Join us on Sunday 1st May from 11:00-12:30, only $25 for a fascia release and tennis ball self massage workshop Read More

Are You Pushing Yourself Too Hard? 6 Body Cues You Should Never Ignore in Yoga

We know what it’s like. You start something new, get hooked and a little excited. Sometimes a bit too over excited and you get impatient to get better, to see progress, to be able to do more, be better – fast! Read More

How Yoga Can help relieve Anxiety

Sometimes life can feel like a constant state of stress and strain. Pressures from work, home, family, society, community. It’s no wonder that we might become anxious. For some people, this feeling of anxiety happens as a normal part of their everyday lives and it can become a battle to face, control and deal with it day after day. For others, it may just happen from time to time, when something thing(s) overwhelms us. Anxiety can come in many forms, panic attacks, phobias or even as simple as feeling social tension. Read More

It’s March Already | How are your New Years Yoga Goals Going?

New Years Resolutions. Resolutions. New Year New You. Goals. New Dreams. New Year. AHHHHHHHHHHHH these words can be hugely motivating or totally overwhelming. Some people love them and some people hate them! Where do you fall? Do New Years Resolutions / New Year Goals work for you or work against you?

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Will I Sweat Enough in Yoga to Loose Weight? ….

As we all know yoga has many benefits such as being flexible, toning our muscles, reducing stress. But a question we often get asked is “will I loose weight” and perhaps the underlying question is “will I sweat enough to lose weight in a yoga class?”

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Get to Know HANNAH – Our Studio Manager & Yoga Teacher at Yoga Everyday ….

This week we spend a bit of time with Hannah, our Studio Manager and one of our fabulous Yoga Everyday, Stafford teachers. Hannah has a unique style and offers 3 chilled out, down to earth Yin Yoga classes each week. Read on to get to know Hannah a bit better …… Read More

New Class – Yoga Foundations – Fridays at 5pm

New Class – Foundations Yoga – Fridays at 5pm! ….

We are excited to announce that we have started a new class style, called Yoga Foundations….From Friday the 29th January, this new class will focus on alignment and getting the basics right….. Read More

Get to know MEG….one of our fantastic Yoga Everyday teachers ….

This week we spend a bit of time with Meg, one of our wonderful Yoga Everyday teachers. We love Meg and as a regular teacher offering 3 classes a week, we thought you might like to get to know her a little better as well…… Read More

Christmas Timetable & Reduced Hours…

We are committed to bringing you Yoga over the Christmas Period….because we know how crazy it gets and that we all still need a bit (if not a lot!) of Yoga to help us through! Read More

Pre-Natal Yoga…Coming to Yoga Everyday, Stafford!….

We are excited to be bringing Pre-Natal Yoga to Yoga Everyday!

Paula will be teaching the Pre-Natal Yoga Course which will run in 5 week blocks starting from mid-January. In addition to a wonderful Flow and Restorative Pre-Natal Yoga practice, each student will be taught the basics to also be able to practice safely at home, in between our weekly classes (if she wishes to). Read More