The 5 Things that will help prepare for Beginners Yoga.

We find that there is a lot of myth busting to do when it comes to Yoga. Sometimes for a beginner, the image of very flexible people doing impossible looking positions may seem intimidating. What if I can’t do it? Or there is no way I’ll be able to do that, what is the point? These might be some of the thoughts you could be having if you are thinking about trying Yoga. Read More

Yin Yoga? What The!?

All forms of yoga can help enhance our physical, mental, emotional, spiritual wholeness, through mindfully moving our bodies and breathing. But with so many different names and term and ways to practise yoga, we know it can get really confusing. Read More

GET TO KNOW BRI – one of our amazing Yoga Everyday Yoga Teachers….

This week, we spend a bit of time with Bri, one of our wonderful Yoga Everyday teachers. We love Bri, and we figure that you might enjoy getting to know her a bit more as well….. Read More

Why don’t we wear shoes in Yoga?

Shoes Shoes Shoes! Who doesn’t love shoes? Some of us like them so much we take great pleasure in having many pairs, one for each day, one in each colour, and one for each workout! But when it comes to Yoga, it’s a little different as you won’t be needing them at all. Read More


FREE ORGANIC LEMONS! We have beautiful organic freshly picked lemons from Paula’s parents farm in Maleny for everyone to enjoy …. so please take a couple when you visit or stay and enjoy a cup of fresh lemon tea after your yoga class… Read More

GET TO KNOW Jaymie – one of our amazing ‘guides’ at Yoga Everyday….

This week, we spend a bit of time with Jaymie Koch, one of our wonderful Yoga Everyday teachers. We love Jaymie, and thought you might like getting to know her a bit better as well. Read More

Opening Weekend – Yoga Everyday Stafford

What a great weekend!

So far we’ve had 5 Free Yoga Classes to celebrate our opening and over 80 people through our doors! We’ve had Yoga Flow, Power Yoga and Yin Yoga (Stretch) classes and such great feedback about our teachers, our funky studio and welcoming feel. Tomorrow is the last day of our celebration ‘opening’ with 2 more Free Classes – 5.00pm Hour of Power Yoga (with Brendan) and 6.15pm Yoga Flow (with Kerri). Read More

Why if you sit all day, you MUST do yoga

So many of us have an office based job, where we sit up to 6 or 7 hours a day. And depending on if you are one of those people Read More

Healthy Snacks – Protein Balls

180 protein balls are great because they can be prepared in less than 5 minutes and are perfect to snack on at work, home or on your way home from yoga. Read More

Yoga Fun: Top 10 Signs you Might Need to HIDE your yoga habit

We all know those people who take things a bit too far. Have you ever wondered if you might be becoming one of them and getting ‘a bit too much’ into Yoga?  Take our quick quiz to see
Read More